Kerillian's Spear & Shield illusion

So after taking a few months of break from Vermintide 2, I came back with the new big balance patch to finish my goal of doing all missions on Legend with at least one career.
My favourite has always been Handmaiden, especially since the addition of Spear & Shield (Greatsword before).

You cannot find the Spear & Shield in a chest, you have to craft it, for five red dust. Not getting DLC weapons in chests is also kinda dumb, but that’s another topic.

The red skin illusion for the Spear & Shield after defeating all bosses on the highest vanilla difficulty is disappointing!
There is nothing on the spear and the shield only gets two small glowing runes at the center and a little line on the inside.

I know it’s petty, but I feel like achievement illusions should at least look pompous. Compare it to the Executioner’s Sword for example, that one basically becomes a lightsaber.

Can you please put some runes on the spear as well? Maybe along the shaft and some on the blade? Maybe even a little animated magic rune that pops up on the shield when you push with it?

Or something.

Or am I alone with the opinion that it’s kinda lame as far as rewards go?


No you’re not alone. It was discussed quite a bit just after release.

I can’t say I remember exactly but it was pretty much in line with what you wrote.

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Same as the other WoM red illusions. Unfortunate but probably will never get addressed.

Yep. Was stoked for “Princess Glamour Shield.” Even though I felt like a tool everytime I said it.

The Red Skin is garbage. Just Garbage.

Compare to the Bretonian Sword and Shield. No comparison.

A lot of garbage Red skins in this game.

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