Weapon Illusions, or Elves beyond the Loren

Let’s start with saying that I’m enjoying VT2 thoroughly. The new maps are wonderfully diverse in where you go most times, my current favorite being the caves that end up with you saying Hi to the putrescent landscapes.

But I’ve been thinking recently about weapon illusions, and more importantly, illusions for Kerillian. As we know, each culture of Elf has a unique style to them. Wood, High or Dark. And it’s especially strange to be rocking the gorgeous Handmaiden attire and I have a weapon that has the Asrai (Wood Elf) motif that contrasts very heavily.

Adding in illusions that change the weapons to look Asur (High Elf) or Druchii (Dark Elf) in style would be very beneficial, in my opinion.


Yeah I was really hoping for Druchii skins, tbh if they would added I would prolly be forced to play shade, my inner dark elf would scream at me for not. As it stands im happy on my boy Kroobs

in all fairness, its complaint worthy.


I don’t know much about Warhammer lore but its intrigued me since I played that WAR mmo. I was just wondering, it seems like such a missed chance to give the handmaiden a spear / sheild instead of the spear atm. Like no changes need to be made in game besides the skin for spear will now be spear/sheild. It already has the wide angle of block and high stam.

I picture it as the sheild maidens from Wheel of Time, except their spears are short.

Does this conflict with lore?

Handmaidens don’t use shields in tabletop, also it would prolly be hard to balance.

And you dug up a month old post to point and laugh at someone who dares have any degree of care about Warhammer (something the devs seemed to have abandoned). Look at your own actions before talking down to someone else, huh?


A perfect example of why people don’t like to get on forums to express their views/opinions or ideas . You’re just a breath of fresh air mate really :ok_hand:

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I… started this when the game first came out, or around that.

Did someone actually dredge this up to insult me for wanting the devs to be closer to the setting they chose? Really?

I’m not sure if I should be insulted or what.