Secondary "red" illusions for dlc weapons

Hi! There are two illusions for each weapon of the highest quality. But this does not apply to dlc weapons. It would be nice if one could choose in their case as well.
Just suggestion…
Personally I hate “red” illusions for Kruber’s Mace and Sword and Kerillian’s Spear and Shield. I would be very happy if I would be able to choose other shining illusions for these weapons.
Anyway, thanks for your work, it’s great! .-)


1h Mace, Halberd, Elf Longbow, both of Victor’s Crossbows, Rapier, Conflagration Staff and Fireball Staff would like to disagree on that point (i don’t count the Bögenhafen ones, i hope you meant that too). But i get were you are coming from. Some weapons even have 3 veteran illusions.

One of kerillian’s dual weapons (the swords iirc) has 4 basic red illusions even.

Definitely yes.

More illusions, more collectibles are always good.

I am worried about one thing. For me, all the illusions / hats/ frames, etc. are valuable for their description.
The description should be маde interesting, not trivial. Because these are all grains of Warhammer Background.

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WhereIsBaoDur and JayJay: Really? That’s news to me. It’s very strange…
Ghoth1ckov1tch: Yes! I like good descriptions too. :slight_smile:

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Take a look at Official Vermintide 2 Wiki

There are practically all images of illusions with descriptions. For example:

Kerillian’s Dual Swords/Illusions


Yes, SnD had 4 then :slight_smile: