Shame on you?

Am I the only feeling bad seeing this veteran item illusion was made “on the knee”. Most other veteran items illusions were made based on “rare” or “named” illusions. For example, Sienna’s dagger:

  • Adept’s Dagger is a base for Dagger of Aqshy
  • Searspike is a base for Sheenstrike
  • The Dagger of Rothscarn is a base for Luthor Flamestrike’s Letter Opener

But at some glory moment, when Kerillean’s bows missing illusions were fixed, I saw this

To the left is basic weapon you start game with, literally template for crafting, and to the right is one of the rarest things in the game, veteran item eared from general’s vault.

Am I the only think this is screwed up? Should we politely ask for making it great again?

  • That’s okay
  • That’s not okay
  • Waiting for my red halberd here

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Like kruber’ hangun and Saltz’s repeater pistol, there are red item that hardly showing glowing effect

I wonder how their design could be passed…

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If you mean Deathbringer im okay with that illusion, I even like it
If you mean Otto Hieder’s Never-Miss Mechanism im okay too
If you mean The Bogenhafen Banger im okay too, simply all of them cant be super great looking, but not made of basic craft scheme

What am I looking at here? You didn’t clarify your dissatisfaction at all…

not deathbringer
check grand inquisitor’s stare
you can see almost nothing like red
also The Bogenhafen Banger has only one alphabet glowing effect…
and if i am right, it is just looks like sergent illusion and there are cool illusion like aunt bessie which i prefer than bogenhafen

Yep, that’s looks just like default with one blue letter. Should’ve done my meme halberd illusion in that humble style.

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I would actually prefer they gave the halberd a modified recruit skin, that’s the only one i can tolerate. I also wish the handgun would use the basic skin for one of it’s runed ones, simply because i think the base looks better than any other model.

and i think kruber’s shotgun red item which has a letter sigmar is also broken.
All other ‘sigmar’ red weapon has glowing effect on sigmar but this shotgun
so i think fatshark should look for these red broken design things…

Well it’s obvious. Compared to other red illusions (most swords, hammers, etc etc etc) this looks awful. And based on basic crafting template

Haven’t noticed that until you said. I had Old (Mostly) Faithful and was absolutely in love with that thing, and then got Helmgart Roar like “Meh, another red blunderbuss, wanted repeater”

Yeah. I recently got a red 1h sword for kruber. The weapon is already underwhelming but I decided i might give it another chance because muh red item. It’s just a regular recruit sword with a bit of blue shine one it…

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for one moment i thought that red halberd was real


I actually think red illusion system should work differently.
Red should just use basic Illusion we put on them (like exotic weapon), but automatically apply a glowing effect on them.
So we can use our favorite Illusion, even if no red is based on that Illusion, and we’ll get a blue glowing with or without Illusion (this could even end up fixing the missing red Illusion problem)


Your Halberd is top-notch


Ah… FS. Cheap.

I have the exact same veteran ‘swift bow’. My first and only veteran item. I did infact tried to change its illusion but it seems you can’t change illusion of a veteran item eventhough it consumes in the illusion change craft slot?

The weird thing is that I’m 99% positive they added the little blue marks to some of these after a patch.

I had a red swift bow back when and I only noticed the glowy parts after the content update. It makes sense they were placeholders before if they just didn’t have the models done but to simply add the blue and not say anything would be so strange.

They did mention in the patch notes that they had fixed the hagbane bows and swift bows red illusionsin a recent patch.

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Well, here is my veteran swift bow… (screens taken 5 mins ago and cropped in paint)

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Thanks, missed that one. So fixed means patch-job until real models are released… Hopefully.

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