Shame on you?

Unlikely, but one could hope.


I think there is 2 red skins PER item: The basic one and the royal one. The basic is the base weapon or almost, with glowing runes, and the royal one is a high tier illusion with very stylish engravings. Its like having a bit of luck, in a luck contest, placed in a luck box.

There are 4 red Sword and daggers for Kerri. Check steam link in thread

There’s an orange bow called Spiritbreaker (at least the Hagbane version is called this but it’s the same illusion for swiftbows) that looks like 20x better than the current red one. If they were going to be lazy they could at least add glowy doodads to that one to make a skin instead of adding glowing bits to the default bow but nooooo.



i tried to apply illusion on my pathetic looking vet bow but didnt work eventhough illusion was consumed :s

Well atleast Illusions’ don’t cost the 10 salvage it says it does. If only it were true to consume the broken apply.

They didn’t mention your halberd, i won’t take this steam post seriously! (thx tho)

I think Sienna only has one vet fireball staff skin.

Some of the illusions are a bit underwhelming… Kerillians Hagbane, Swift and Longbow all look pretty crap. At least when you compare them to the repeater bow

And don’t even get me started on the 2 handed sword… one glowing symbol? Really???

2h sword is fine. you don’t need the whole sword to be uber glowy, sometimes a few subtle LEDs are classy!

there’s one handgun model with a glowing symbol that’s hidden from the outside view - now that’s sad.

I want runes all the way up the sword :stuck_out_tongue: Would be more fun if they let us customize the colours. I’d like them to be a crimson colour


Massive assuptions incoming;

To add a weapon illusion/type you probably need to -
+duplicate existing weapon
+add the illusion and create new weapon stats and tool tips etc
+include the glowy bits
+add it to the RNG tables for chest drops(please SIGMAR get rid of RNG. Your humble servant implores you!)

So imagine if modders could just get their head around this and create their own stuff to get sanctioned? I know some texture artists in the modding scene who are amazing at unwrapping textures and creating stupidly good stuff. IF we could have player driven skins/weapons get sanctioned this would be an enormous boon for the game. And the community. AND the modding scene.

Maybe this is why mods have been implemented so quickly instead of some of the big bug fixes? Can Fatshark be “doing a Bethesda” and hoping the community will fix their game?

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