Veteran illusions

lacking effort for sure.

would dev make each unique?

Hum… what’s your point here ?
You start by first of all, but there is no all after your first point (which I can aggree on), and end up with please without asking anything x)

If you’re asking for a re-skin of the Veteran weapon, I’m quite confident Fatshark would prefer add more than change the actual one, but I don’t work at FS so I can’t tell :stuck_out_tongue:

dont you feel anything about seeing dupe-like skins
change is must.
make each unique.

hagbane and swiftbow share same illusion just blow my mind.
giving different dagger and turn into another illusion is such a joke.

I said I agreed on your point, I just mean you could maybe developed :slight_smile:
If you have any suggestions btw, fire away, as I said doing a already existing weapons reskin isn’t in FS plans I think

What I find especially baffling is that there are non-veteran items that are ALOT more detailed and finer looking (like Kruber’s “Aunt Bessie” handgun) than some veteran illusions. I guess just FS-things.

fatshark just did fatshak.

Gentlemen, there is a solution you’re not seeing:

Remove all these ugly glow sticks.

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Heh. I kind of have to agree with that. Kerilllian’s Veteran Spear was the first one where I actually thought the glow-lines look good. All the rest feel just… gaudy. It may be just because I’m a fan of functional designs, and a lot of the higher-rarity illusions are quite far from functional-looking…

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Some of those look great, some look cheesy. But hey, at least we have something to do with the otherwise bad red crafting system. Red Noble’s Epee here I come. And soon, a not-tacky halberd (even if there my problem is with the basic illusion, not the glow)

and illusions i posted above looks literally the same.

an example on illusions for same weapon done right is imo the dawi 1h hammer

both look nice, both dont look anywhere near the other
i wish we had more of that kinda stuff

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