The terrible red repeater pistol skin

There is one gorgeous repeater pistol skin and there is the one I have…and recieved twice. Called the Grand Inquisitor’s Stare, itis undoubtedly the worst looking red that has it’s own skin. It is the base skin for the repeater pistol with a tiny bit of glow underneath the hammer.

Posts elsewhere that I’ve seen speculate that seeing as reds with absoluty no skin still drop that this is presumably unfinished and will be improved upon later. There are other unique red skins that are less flamboyant than others but not with glow hidden away like this.

Fatshark- Is this weapon skin, in it’s current form, what was intended by the art team?

Holy Signature, bless this ravaged pistol

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When this happens, but someone has already changed the skin, the “finished” skin should be available to them as pre-extracted.

Agree. On top of that both the skin and regular pistol skin are so thick that you see saltzpyres hand slip through the barrels when he spins it up.

Same with repeater handgun

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