Kruber's handgun is ugly

I know, there are more important things and we are talking about a totally personal opinion… but I think that Kruber’s handgun is the ugliest ranged weapons (also with the “uncle Betty” illusion, red or orange version). Mainly while equipped, it seems a “little bare stick”. Blunderbuss, Bardin’s handgun, Repeater gun are weapons held like Kruber’s handgun but they look fine, a large part of them is shown in first person cam.

I think that create a new illusion could be excessive, but could we have a better “fov” on it? It looks a pipe long 10cm and 1cm diameter.

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I think the main issue is that so many of the illusions are based off of the recruit/blacksmith’s basic handgun model with random gubbins stuck on. There is only one alternate model that itself has multiple variations. It lacks the same diversity you see with other weapons with multiple different models. 2h sword for instance.

It’s one of those art things that I hope will be fixed eventually, like the glow skin for halberds seeming to be a bit rushed compared to other skins like Bardin’s shield weapons.

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I personally really like the Aunty Bessie skin. I run it proudly. I’ll gladly take it over the wood stick with 1 or 3 glowy runes.


Well, this is clearly super subjective, because I actually think Kruber´s default handgun looks really good and Anty Bessie as well, and I think his blunderbuss looks pretty ugly. But you don´t hear me bitching about that on the forum.

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You know, aside from this thread being dumb, Sergeant’s Handgun probably solves your issues. With the handgun, not in general.

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Totally agree.

About standard illusion, we can agree… but the red illusion changes Blunderbuss totally.


I’m giving you advice, genius.

Sergeant’s Handgun uses a different model, its based on Soldier’s Handgun, the one with the red thing around it. It’s bulkier and has more presence on the screen. It answers all of your criticisms. Install Armory and take a look at it - what you want already exists.

I answered ironically to things like “aside from this thread being dumb” or “solves your issues. With the handgun, not in general”… Anyway I would like to see that “more presence” to all Handgun version.

The only real handgun illusion is the one with the Rambo bandana tied around it.

No other illusion exist.

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