This illusion is bad and you should feel bad! - Saltzpyre's veteran rapier

It’s the basic skin with some glowing things on it. OK, I get it, it doesn’t look that bad (OK, it looks bad, but it could be worse!). However the pistol model is simply trash-worthy. I mean, Truthsnare is a rare glowing rapier illusion paired with…

…100% stock patchwork pistol, And it’s not like Saltz doesn’t have some way more compelling options to choose from - 2 types of red pistol illusions, nuln pistols, Emmanuele’s gift - all of those would work just fine and would be laughably easy to put in place of patchwork abomination. Instead we’re getting one of the ugliest weapons in game to go along with rapier many people must have spent a ton of legend vaults to finally get.

And once I saw it, for the first time ever, I switched the red illusion to Templar’s rapier illusion, because it simply looks so much better, both the weapon (broader blade - makes sense, since slashes are Saltzpyre’s bread and butter) and the pistol that comes along with it.

Since Truthsnare is the ONLY red rapier illusion and it may take me years to drop another red rapier illusion if they ever introduce one, I kindly ask you FS to fix the pistol.


Its the same ish with alot of career weapons.

I really like the elf “longbow of seasons” because it looks like a giant powerful compound bow and IMO looks amazing, so I made mine red because I actually didn’t like her other red skin longbows.

I don’t know the drop rate but its in my opinion extremely extremely extremely rare. I have only gotten it once ever in hundreds of vaults opened with elf even as it is for an orange rarity skin.

Elven longbow red illusion is dwcent though. Truthsnare is the very stock “illusionless” rapier that gets the glow treatment. I understand that not all weapons have to look cool (f.e. one of great axes looks horribly, the other is cool, bht my favourjte is skarrensomething which is “normal” too), but here it’s not just “looking mediocre” but simply looking terribly bad, it’s low effort taken to another level.
BTW I think Kerilian has only 1 red longbow skin and it’ the bow of seasons that’ glowing. At least that’s what I have.

Skarrenruf Maraz it’s called :slight_smile: but I wouldn’t even say it’s “normal” :slight_smile: I like that one as well.

One of Bardins 2h snout-booper is also just the basic wooden one with some glowy stuff on it… Most veteran weapons are glowy versions of the named exotics (as I call them). Saltzpyre has some very nice rapiers that they could have “light up”. So I don’t understand why they went this way with some. (probably the rushed release?)

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