Glowing runes on characters (Poll)

A new cosmetics slot that activates glowing runes on your skin and headgear. Rewarded for example 100 finished legend missions on this career. This way you can wear what ever skin and headgear you like best while still showing off your skill.

  • Agree completely
  • I like the idea of runes on my character but desire another implementation.
  • I don’t want runes on people the weapons are enough.

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That’s a great idea but I would personally prefer new unique skins over more glowing bits, I miss the way v1 did reds and cataclysm flags in the inn to show what you have accomplished.

That’s just my opinion though, I like the core concept of what you’re suggesting


warhammer wise, it’s a “low magic” fantasy world (at least the rpg game), meaning that even if there are always strong type of magic at work (winds, spirits, etc) few (in the order/human world) can access to those, and usually it’s extremely dangerous (because it’s extremely powerful). So, back to the magic items, I would not add more, but there are plenty of other things that can be visually added, like armors made of mithril/adamant, time limited torches, bulls (a type of public decree, letters patent, or charter issued by xxx), bands, whatever, just not glowing. About the glowing thing, I think having weapons is more than enough.
But this is just my opinion. (forgot to write that, still, I think it’s a good idea, if for fs is too much work, even an icon next to the player name would be enough)

I prefer to give em time to fix “suck ass” illusions such as

and another 100 missions seemed to be awful idea

If it count games clear before patch, i dont care but if not, no

I did 100 uc 100 bw 100 whc 100 bh on legend only and i don’t want to do it again…

I think there’s too many applications of glowing blue paint already.
I would prefer reds that just have nice visuals, and if I wanted to show off, which I don’t need but can see the appeal of, I’d prefer a less obvious method.
I got the Unchained’s legend armour and tentacle mask, and I’m not wearing either of them, because the armour looks tacky as hell (which is an achievement because it looks like melted down door knobs and bullet cases), and the mask is an iron crown with half the spikes broken off and part of another masks faceplate.
Last I want is looking like someone dumped a bucket of radioactive blue paint on me.


crawl out through the fallout) should we get at least something nice and working in this game, be it bucket of old good fluorescent paint or potato dc element with some ancient luminodiodes)

I already dislike the “glowing runes” -style reds, I far prefer VT1’s style for them, where they actually looked just like very well-made, if well-used too. Well, most of them anyway.

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