Red illusions runes (Or whatever they are called)

So i just want to ask something which probably has a pretty simple answer to why it isn’t in the game. Im not going to talk about how some weapons have like no runes on the weapons even when they are supposed to.

Instead i want to ask if there is a reason for the lack of variety of the runes on the weapons, Like right now, it’s fine but is their any specific reason why there aren’t multiple colours for the reds? Like instead of it always being blue, can we maybe get red runes or is their something in the lore that makes it so all reds have to have blue runes?

Just wondering because you barely get visually surprised by people using reds anymore because they are all so similar to look at for the most part.

Once again, I dont know if there is a reason behind this but im curious to why.

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That’s a good question. I just assumed it was something in lore (Sigmarite runes or something). I believe Fatshark needs permission from Games Workshop before implementing (at least some) design choices so there very well could be a legitimate lore reason they’re all similar.

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