Small Bardin Request

I am a Bardin main and i have experiance with pretty much every Bardin weapon snd i have to say…i ADORE the Longbeard’s Az weapon skin. It is honestly my favorite weapon skin in the game. One simple fact breaks my heart though. As halfway decent as i am with single axe there is NO axe shield combo in the game that uses this axe at all. Most every other axe can be paired with a shield except this one. Id love a shield option for this particular Axe


Yer the battle toaster (rhunkiaz grund) skin for the hammer also has this problem, it isn’t used for either shield illusion. I think Fat Shark said they are unable to add new content to crates but some illusions feel so lacking variety wise. Especially the ones that have only 1, I can’t remember the last time I bothered using the Truthsnare skin on rapier its so bleh compared to any of his exotics. And then some elf weapons have 3-4 illusions. Sienna Dagger does too but its just the same base skin with differing numbers of runes.

There ought to be some way to get more illusions purchasable with coins from the shop. I’ve nearly bought everything for outfits and found everything for weapons.

I kinda get annoyed how items that have a shield with a weapon, often don’t include a certain variant of the weapon that is available on its solo version; like Bardin’s hammer+shield and axe+shield or Kruber’s Mace+Shield and Sword+Shield. At least GK seems to have a variant of every Bretonian Longsword with each shield. The same goes for Saltzpyre’s pistol with a rapier. I always want the Rapier+Pistol to match the Pistol set, but there’s a red pistol set with a horn-shaped barrel (blunderbuss-style) and there’s no variant like it for the red Rapier+Pistol.

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Yes. A “glowy” version of the base A&S with this axe and a blinged up version of the standard shield would be so awesome. I wish that’s the weapon skin that was earned in that one event instead of the 2H Axe.


Pura verdade, falo a mesma coisa do machado do Victor :confused: