Rapier skin

Many Moons ago I made Rapier skin request thread

Since skins are much more relevant now I wish to have proper pistol skins to come with our rapiers. Especially the daemon spit rapier, it comes with starter pistol. Plz do something about this. This is quite important for our (almost) meanless RP :smiley:


no comments eh? i see how it is e_e…

It would be neat if there was an option to pick the pistol skin, or if there was just two variations for each rapier illusion.

I’m not a fan of the higher pitched sound some of the illusions make, so an option to switch between sound sets would be cool.


omg i miss v1 pistol sounds. it had a real bang to it.


To be honest I kind of gave up on rap-pistol skins because it’s been asked for so long

Unbalanced Rapier should have > Patchwork Pistol skin

Weisbach, Templar, Truthseeker > Matched Nuln

Adjudicator, Schluesselschloss > Emanuel’s Gift

Nobel’s Epee and Estalian already have the Masterwork/One Eye’s Revenge skin

Truthsnare, Piercer > Thundercrack and Baron


i’ll never give up! whc with rapier is my main and i’ll keep the hope alive even if i’m the last one left LOL!

people in charge of cosmetic plz fix dis!!!


I was kindda hoping they would fix the rapier pistol skin with this patch but they did not :frowning:

uh … can i get a response to me request from a dev and/or cm? a yes, no or maybe. something plz :smiley:

I first read your title without “i” and thought “are they f*ckng crazy”, then, phew… there’s an “i”…

false alarm xD

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