Rapier skin request

i like the Weischbach Rapier skin as it is the v1 orange rapier skin. but its attached pistol is not the v1 orange pistol. can we have a version with the Masterwork Pistols skin to go along with the Weischbach Rapier plz


Nice notice, alot of rare and awesome rapiper illusion are paired with basic looking paesant pistol. Improve pistol look as well.

Right, so I just got the illusion as well after almost 3 months of opening lootboxes, and noticed this hasn´t been changed, which is a shame. I join you in your request for a nicer looking pistol to go with the Weishchbach. I mean, the Truthseeker rapier is blue and has masterwork pistol skin, while Weischbach is orange and has patchwork pistol skin.

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