Weischbach rapier illusion

Hi, does anyone know:

  1. Can Weischbach illusion drop on blue and/or green items as well?
  2. If so, is the chance decreased on those items compared to orange ones?
  3. If so, by how much?
  4. What is the best way to farm solely for this illusion/orange illusions in general?

I’ve had the same illusion drop on weapon of all colours (except Red). No idea on the rates, and the only way to farm is to just get boxes and keep opening.

What illusion though? I have also had some illusions drop on items of all colors except red, but those were blue/common illusions, not orange ones (there may have been some orange ones as well though, which is what I am trying to confirm).

And sure, but I meant what do you think is the most effective way of farming those. I am trying speedrunning veteran as HM. And I have opened at least 700 lootboxes on Saltzpyre, very likely even more than that, but still I haven´t found this illusion once (I have found Noble´s Epee 4 times and Truthseeker Rapier 2 times though, sometimes on orange items, sometimes on blue ones, while both illusions are blue currently).

Ok, so for others struggling with this or other orange illusions, I have finally after almost 3 months of opening lootboxes, found the Weischbach Rapier illusion. I found it on an exotic rapier from a vault, and yes, the illusion is exotic (orange), unlike most other rapier illusions which are blue, including the Truthseeker Rapier.

Judging by the fact I often find illusions which are blue on green items, it seems that you can find illusions (except for red ones ofc) on items of the same quality or 1 tier lower, which would mean you can find orange illusions on blue items as well as on orange ones. It might not be the case though, so if anyone can confirm, elaborate, explain etc., you would be most welcome to.

This weapons has quite some illusions and I’m quite sure some of them are much rarer than Truthsnare (top, 1). I too only got Weischbach (top, 4) recently after many many lootboxes.

Just for comparison:
I got Truthseeker (bottom, 3) twice, the rest of the oranges quite commonly and all otters were very common.
Simmilar to your unboxing experience?

I got Truthsnare once, Weischbach once, no other orange illusion at all, Noble´s Epee 4 times, Truthseeker Rapier 3 times, and the other blue illusions quite a few times, especially the Adjudicator´s Rapier, which I f*cking hate :smiley: Imo it is easier to find red illusions than orange illusions (if you can do legend runs ofc), and perhaps even to find red ones than a specific blue one (I am quite certain Truthseeker and Noble´s Epee either is or at least used to be far rarer than the other blues).

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