Make skins that you don't have visible

i need a way to see what weapon skins (and hats/outfits) that i currently don’t have. i’ve got at least 1 red weapon from opening boxes (and not crafting). but some red weapon has multiple red skins and it would be nice to see what i still dont have so i can focus opening boxes on those characters :smiley:


You can check the available illusions on vermintide2 wiki BTW, where you can behold f.e. the mighty Truthsnare rapjer which comes with a patchwork pistol :smiley:

it would be nice to have it in the game though L_L …

and yes, the red rapier is kindda lame. i dont use that skin :stuck_out_tongue:

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mods… xD

Armory let’s you see each weapons available skins, just compare the names to the ones you have and don’t have.

As those two told, there are ways to see what you’re missing, but they’re cumbersome workarounds at best.

For the completionists, it could indeed be useful to get a mod (or better yet, a feature) to show you what Illusions, Frames and other Cosmetics you’re missing. No gameplay effect, so shouldn’t be troublesome to get a mod like that approved, and I think Armory could already take on at least the Illusions part of this with a tick mark somewhere. Might want to put a message on that mod’s page…

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