Weapon Illusion Mod Suggestion

could we get a mod that allows us to see what illusions we got without going in and applying them? its a painful process, especially when chests and vaults are opened in bulk. it can be hard to remember what you got after opening 10 boxes and then having to go in and find the right weapon for the right class and even sometimes having to remove other illusions to see if you got a new one for that particular weapon/class.

If you want to see a preview of all possible illusions there is the sanctioned mod Armory.

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I think ImKingFlippyNips means that it would be nice to have an indicator on which illusions were already extracted to see if you can salvage this item without having to look up your available illusions. I would totally suppor this. It would make me salvage stuff even faster :wink:

Don’t extract illusions keep them on weapons fav those than scrap everything else.
But we will get an overhaul of this system soon.

Aye, the Devs have stated that they will be rolling out a new illusion system that doesn’t require you to store the illusions. Once you have unlocked the illusions once from a chest, you can just apply it when you want, sort of like a blueprint.

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