Things that need to change when Crafting Illusions

Just a few things that currently annoys me when it comes to the crafting system about the Illusions you get for weapons that I feel NEEDS TO CHANGE.

First of all is the price to extract an illusion. Simply put, it is WAAAY too high. 20 scrap for 1 illusion, that if applied and you don’t want it on the weapon anymore cause you just got a cooler illusion, costs an additional 20 scrap to remove the illusion again, and then 20 more to get it from the weapon you don’t want to use. Scrap is a crafting resource that you never have enough of as is due to upgrading weapons or crafting weapons or items. So using 20 to extract an illusion is simple robbery, since you only get max 4 scrap from a single item.

To solve this you can do one of three things:

  1. You could simply lower the cost to 5 scrap per extraction, but it would still annoy people.
  2. You could change it to 1-5 dust, with quality and amount depending on rarity.
  3. Once you extract an illusion, it is like you have learnt a spell, formula or recipe. So you extract it for around 5 or 10 scrap, but then you can re-apply it indefinatly to as many items as you want without losing it and having to extract it again. Along with this you should also get a “(known)” next to an illusion to state that you already have “learnt” this recipe.

The second thing is that there is no way to check what the illusion looks like before you apply it. It would be nice if you could see the 3D model of the weapon on that crafting screen so that we can see what we are applying beforehand, so we don’t have to redo it all and waste more stuff.

For now, that is all I can think of. I hope you read and take note of this, Fatshark, and I would be happy to hear what other people feel about this.


Great suggestions, I think I like option 3 best. I’d even be ok with still paying 20 scrap to learn an illusion and then be able to apply it to that weapon type anytime.

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