Illusion scrap cost

So it costs 20 scrap to extract an illusion but its essentially a one time use. If apply it to an item then want that illusion again you have to extract it again to get the illusion back. It essentially costs 20 scrap EVERY time you want to move an illusion. What does everyone think? Am i just cheap and thinking this is kinda expensive for just skins? I really feel if its gonna costs 20 scrap then make it multi use or reduce the scrap costs to 5 or 10.


I feel ya. I think illusions should be permanently added to you “collection” for unlimited uses.


I though it was permanently added at first, but when I saw it wasn’t I was like “Oh… well let’s think about it. I’ll just keep the illusion, and apply it when I got a nice max power weapon.”

Of course keeping in forever would be nice too, but it’s not that a big deal ^^

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I agree that Illusions should be permanently added to your collection, especially if you have to pay 20 scraps for it.
They could also make it “free” to extract an illusion (you would always have it unlocked after that), but make us pay some 10 scraps every time we want to add it to a weapon.

Also, what is up with half of the illusions not having any changes?

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Yeah if they want to keep it similar to how it is now it should be free to extract bu t the illusion is permanent and it costs scrap to reapply it. Some don’t have a change because the illusion is the same as the item, so you found a “basic sword illusion” thats already on a basic sword.

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Pointless system, good idea, wrong execution, you rarely get any worthwhile illusions anyway so right now its just “eeeh… why waste 20 scrap I can invest in a leg upgrade?”

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you cannot invest 20 scrap into a legendary upgrade. that bug from the
beta got fixed with release. you should start crafting things to raise
your cap with that scrap.

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Yes… ? Yes I can? Because I dont waste 20 scrap on getting a mediocre illusion, so I only need 30 more scrap from blue to leg?

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That’s not investing 20, that’s investing 50. Same logic as “I don’t spend 5$ for food today, so I saved 5$”
That’s not how it works.

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While we’re on the topic of illusions, I feel like I have to mention the “basic illusions”.
You know, the ones that doesn’t change the look of the weapon.
Am I the only one not getting why they are there?

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I’m also interested in this.

I guess if you have a cool looking weapon and want a basic looking one to roleplay? XD idk there probably just there to add more “choices”

It’s just bad design as 95% of the players will simply never use illusion up until they have 300 hero power items.

But all the weapons have the same standard model, in spite of their rarity or power level.
So if you want “a basic looking one to roleplay” all you would have to do is extract the current illusion.
The way I see it, it doesn’t add more choices. It merely adds a bit more grind.
Let’s say the item is of blue rarity with power level 300. You really like it’s attributes and it has a basic illusion.
For you to upgrade it to orange rarity you’d normally use 50 scrap right? But because of the illusion (which doens’t change the look of your weapon) you have to get 70 scrap instead.
I know it’s not a big difference at this point in the game, but a grind with no purpose is just a waste if you ask me

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The reason why illusions are not permament is that there are not so much skins in the game right now. If you play a lot you will get all the skins in 3-4 days, and that aspect of the game will be done for you. If there be lots of skins, and some would be more rare and epic than the others, you can just make illusions permament and then 20 scrap cost is ok. Fatshark should realize, that apperance is one of the most attractive aspect of the game for lots of gamers because of uniqueness. Everyone will get 300 power and level 30 in couple of weeks, but rare crazy looking weapon will be your own pride. I think devs hardly need to add more and more cosmetics in the game, probably make some of them cost $ via dlc-s, to get even more receipts and have ability to make game better and better

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My main issue with the entire illusion situation is the cost to extract. 20 scrap is WAAAY too much, since all you really want to do is extract the illusion and then scrap the weapon it used to be applied to. You basically lose materials for nothing, really.

There are Three ways to solve this:

  1. Make extractions permanent. It’s like learning a spell, so it can be re-applied any number of times to as many weapons as you like, free of charge or at the cost of 1-5 dust (depending on rarity).
  2. Lower the extraction cost of all illusions to 2-10 scrap.
  3. Change the price type from scrap to green and/or blue dust, and also lower the price. 10 green dusts to extract from a green/uncommon, 5 blue dusts to extract from a blue/rare and 5 green dusts and 5 blue dusts to extract from an orange/exotic. This is because dusts are also used for weapon stat re-rolls and orange dust is too scarce to be used for anything else.

There you have it Fatshark, I’m tossing this discussion back up top again, cause I find the pricing silly and unnessecary.

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