Inventory Full - Illusions taking up inventory space

Hey Fatshark, for a while now I’ve had trouble opening my spoils of war chests, I kept getting the message “Inventory full, salvage items.” And so I did, it was painful because I’m kind of a hoarder.
Yet, after a short while, the message starting popping up again.

I ran a few tests and I now understand that extracted illusions take up inventory space. If this is not a bug and was intended from the very start, a heads up about this fact would have been nice.

Anyway, I won’t get into the debate whether they should or not but since they do, we badly need a practical way to discard illusions. Right now, the only way to discard an illusion is to apply it to an existing weapon and then salvage said weapon. Yet, if this weapon already has an illusion, you have to craft another weapon and salvage it just for the sake of discarding the illusion? Come on, even cousin Okri would be disgruntled.
Personally I would prefer they did not occupy inventory space but I would gladly settle for being able to get rid of them. It’s heartbreaking having to salvage good weapons because you can’t get rid of illusions.

As you removed the cost for extracting illusions, I’m pretty sure more and more people will soon have this exact same problem…



I just started extracting all illusions from the trash items I’ve come across. I guess it’s time to reverse engineer the process using more trash. You just saved me what could’ve been a lot more trouble.

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What I can recommand to avoid this (altho I have no idea of the size of the inventory, so maybe it won’t help), is to go check an Illusion gallery ( and note down whatever Illusion you want. Discard everything else.
It’s kinda sad in a way (I’m too a collector, having all Illusion would satisfy), but as you won’t use all of them anyway, I see it as a good way to make space ^^

How is anyone having inventory issues in this game? Do you not have any reds? Once you get a red, you can delete pretty much every item of that type. Jewelry is instantly deleted since most of us have 6 reds of each, and do you really need that many weapons? How many pages before it’s full by the way? Only time I’ll hold onto an orange weapon is if it rolled perfect stats. I.e. it’s the same as a red.

Once you get a red, you don’t need weapons with worse stats?! Thanks for this incredible, revolutionary truth!
More seriously, yeah, I have reds, quite a lot of them in fact, because I play a lot. I only keep orange with perfect or near-perfect rolls to adapt my gear for heroic deeds or specific challenges.

And anyway, that’s completely besides the point, the problem is not my actual gear but illusions. I only keep the best pieces of equipment but I extracted every single illusion I got my hands on. Why? Because it was free, and I didn’t know there was a limit to how many you could have, even worse, I didn’t know they took the same inventory space as actual gear. And the worst part is that you don’t have any practical way of destroying them to free up space in your inventory.

Btw, I read somewhere that there was in fact 1000 inventory slots shared between all careers and illusions (no idea about cosmetics).

Exactly how the title and OP describes: For most people it’s nearly impossible to remember what illusions you already have collected if you haven’t them applied at the moment, so (especially now that it’s free) they extract basically everything. Each of those extracted illusions takes an inventory slot, but there’s no way to separately check or discard illusions, so they stack up, and as it’s still hard to remember whether you actually have it, your seventieth Sergeant’s Arming Sword adds to the inventory just like the first. Btw, according to a few other complaints about this, the inventory limit is 1000+ items, may be up to 1300 or even more.

Very much reasons here to add a way to check and discard illusions separately (and preferably also view the actual illusion, not just the icon).

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there is a limit i come a cross on this to. 1k max illusion included :frowning:
i wasted a lot of time to get rid of them, and another problem i have is i extracted default weapon illusion that was possible on others patch now i cant get rid of them. maybe i have 20+ of them still is a waste of space…