Inventory Question

So this happens to me the other day.

I sorted it out by scrapping a lot of stuff I did not need but I was surprised I had reached the cap already.

Is there any way to see how close you are to the cap in game yet or is there a mod you can use to see, I know others have had this issue as well.

Any ideas on how to solve inventory cap issues people may be having with illusions? (other then making weapons to put them on then scrapping them) as that can be time consuming.

It’s most likely illusions that are taking up the space. They count as inventory slots. The only illusions I have now are the purple ones from the DLC. I never bothered to keep any of the orange illusions.

I had a ton of boxes saved up and got to 5-6 pages on the salvage screen. Never got a full inventory message though.

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I started to fav all reds and one 300 orange with every illusion I like. This way you can check them out way better than storing them as illusions, they won’t show up in salvaging and you won’t store the same illusion twice.

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I had about 10 pages for salty when I got that message and then cut it down to about 3, I know I have way to many illusions tho and will need to get rid of most of them at some point as well.

That’s a great idea

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Heh I get the inventory full message at 7 pages and I only store stuff like mentioned.

Salty has a lot of nice illusions including 2 rapiers as rare as reds it seems.

As others said, Illusions are likely the primary culprits. Some people have speculated that Deeds may be another big inventory-filler (but there’s no confirmation afaik for if they actually count against your inventory space). While this issue doesn’t affect that many people yet, the amount is growing all the time, and luckily it has been already acknowledged by the devs and some things are under consideration to solve it. There has at least been mention of a possibility to change Illusions into unlockables rather than separate items, and the red crafting solution, whatever it ends up being, will help more. So for now, more patience is needed (although some info about the state of these things would be nice, once again).