Can't Open Loot Boxes

Issue Summary:
I am not allowed to open loot boxes because my inventory is apparently full. I salvaged 10 items and still cannot open a single box because it is full.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. have 141 items
  2. Try to open a box
  3. salvage 10 of them
  4. Try to open a box

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
I don’t know if there is an actual size limit to your inventory but it’s pretty damn stupid when they don’t give you anything to do with Dupe reds other than salvage them. But despite that I salvaged 10 things and am still over the limit.

Did you notice that illusions can be removed for free?
Did you maybe stack up an insane number of deeds?

Nothing (except getting rid of the stated above) can save you now.

Inventory Full - Illusions taking up inventory space
Inventory is full and Illusions fill it up completely?
I can’t find the dev response to this anymore (they archived parts of the forum making it invisible to us commoners) but just for your info: Hedge said that the cap was 1000 if I remember right.

So Illusions are taking up my Inventory space?

Yes if you have many that is. If you don’t, that would be interesting.

i hope fatshark will do something about it. its really sad that i cant open boxes :frowning:

make weapon skins unlocks instead of actual items would help alot. (that and let me get rid of my piles of deeds that i’ll never do)

How do I get rid of them then? Do I have to craft weapons to pu tthem on then salvage them? o.o


What a fun gameplay mechanic!


We do plan to revamp the system.

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can u give us a rough estimate on when will the full inventory fix will come :o?

a month? 2 months? half a year? when every fatshark employee has had their kazillion years vacation :p?

It requires a complete overhaul of the system in order make illusions be “stored” in a way they are currently not stored - so it’s not a small task by any measure. It requires both the system be upheaved as well as current inventories migrated to the new system. I would hesitate to give any estimate but the moment I can I will.

but can u confirm that it is already being actively worked on? or is it still in the “uhmm still pondering about it” phase :o?

You may well be asking about something different to the illusion mechanic (which is fair, I suppose the thread is about inventory sizes, so perhaps I should have been clearer in my post).

Inventory sizes will likely never be expanded as we have a limit to what can be stored, this isn’t going to change.

What we are working on (currently at the conceptual stage) is a way to reduce the impact certain items have on an inventory, one of which is lifting illusions from the inventory entirely and migrating them to another system. Technically that means it is being worked on, but you might call it the “pondering” phase, but that’s software development for you :slight_smile:


are you planning on doing something about deeds taking up space :o?

i never do those and i cant get rid of them :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: weapon skin is probably the biggest culprit here.

You only keep red items you bloody normies. The oranges, now olive greens you melt down. REEEEEEEEE

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if ur talking about me, i dont have orange to salvage :o

I was joking, but I meant the illusions. I’ve never saved any of my illusions cause I always knew that I would get the reds eventually. I would get a good orange, 10% chaos and 5% crit chance and then keep that until I could get a red.

ya i did that too. except i hate the red skin glow (and now the purple glow) so i use the normal skin.
this is warhammer not warcraft lmao!

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REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the blue and purple glow is the whole point!@@2123!@#!@!@32!!@

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but they’re so ugly XD

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