Can't Open Loot Boxes

We wouldn’t have this problem if illusions were stackable like dust & crates(1). A pretty obvious design oversight (with the benefit of hindsight) that should’ve been caught in a design (or implementation) review. The “not-a-bug” label is a bit misleading IMO. It’s definitely a “concrete-issue-with-the-game”, but I guess someone doesn’t want to acknowledge it’s a bug because it’s not because of faulty implementation, but poor design?

  1. Seems like the number of entries in the inventory data base is limited to 1000 (or some other set, relatively finite number) lines. It’s not a hard cap: you can gain more lines via extracting illusions (de-illusioned weapon turns from one line to two lines) or gaining new chests (each new chest type is a new line).

Something like following at design/review phase would’ve saved many grey hairs for me personally:
Reviewer: “Why do we need to list illusions separately. Aren’t illusions of the same type identical with each other?”
Author: “Good point! I’ll amend the database entry for illusions to include count, so we don’t need to list duplicates.”
Reviewer: liked this comment

No. You can apply the illusion directly to a blueprint in order to get rid of it.

u can only do that once though. wat if u have many more to get rid of :o?

Is … is that a bug or a feature? Seems a bit unintuitive.

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