Normal amount of Inventory almost Full

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I’m very happy coming back to the game to try the Warrior Priest and when I logged on I wanted to open some lootboxes to try the new open 5 feature . I could only open 1 at a time (the 5 open button was greyed out) so I thought “that’s weird” and started opening boxes 1 at a time. After 2 boxes my inventory was full and had to exit to start disassembling.

Ok, this is a huge problem. I have all my characters decked with 1 of each type of weapon in the game of Red quality, (rarely with 2-3), and I don’t have in the inventory more than 1 page of charms, 1 page of necklaces and 1 page of trinkets globally (before a final cleanup I used to have 2-3 pages of each of those).
I think that’s the “standard” amount of inventory for this game, because you sometimes need to swap a melee or ranged weapon for a different role, curse resistances, traits, etc How come my inventory is already full? I’m not hoarding items nor suffer from Diogenes syndrome XD I think is pretty “normal” having some gear options and collecting red items for each type of weapon. I shouldn’t be forced to start deleting alternative gear options or weapons I rarely select that I have earned farming Legend for almost 2.000 hours and suffer through the rerolling of gear every time I have to swap my style or change to a different game mode. I haven’t even created the new hammers and flail because I fear locking my inventory completely!

It’s my account bugged in some way or the general database is so small that collecting illusions and new weapons has made the inventory cap unmanageable?

I dont add any screenshots because it’s self-explanatory reading what my problem is, they wouldn’t add new information. My SteamID is MrFrostRaven, if you need to inspect my account, to fix any bug that may have happened or double check that my amount of gear is pretty normal.


I can’t even craft the new weapons. I’m full because of all the frames and everything. I don’t really want to scrap orange weapons. They are not duplicates, they are just different illusions, and not even all of them.


Well, if you have 7 weapons of the same type (7 spears) in all your characters I think it is a bit too much. If it’s going to be a problem with the database I would understand keeping it more modest.

But if you have 2-3 I think that should be the “normal” amount, because you should be able to keep the best orange-red/illusions in your inventory to swap them occasionally. The other option is being forced to only use one playstyle or be forced to reroll for a few minutos to swap, or melt the weapons you almost never use and lose all that red dust inefficiently.

How many deeds do you have? Deeds count towards total inventory space, and a lot of people (myself included) have a lot just sitting there.

Have a fukton, true. Should get rid of them?

If you’re having inventory troubles I would. You can request Fatshark to delete them from your account and they will do so. That should clear up a bit of space for you.

well, at least the non Legend could be wiped. I would not bother with those… I have 2 pages of Deeds in total. I don’t know if that’s excesive.

Anyway, they should just remove the deeds and create a custom map mode that adds those same deeds voluntarily. I never understood why they went this way with harder modes.

It is strange, though, because I used to open 100+ chests BEFORE this patch and then thrash the items that weren’t unique reds and suddenly I only seem to have 6-8 free slots. Maybe the new career just blocked those 100 slots in one go with the skins and so on.

I’ll add I’ve very few deeds in my inventory, as I enjoy doing them. We’re just at the point were getting every frame and cosmetic has proven to be a disadvantage. I believe it should be addressed fairly quickly.

I definitely won’t be buying any more premium upgrades, since I just don’t have the inventory space. I wonder how that’d work… would I lose inventory items? would they be lost?

EDIT: as I said, I keep my inventory clean. I could scrap more orange illusions, but other than being anonying (I’d craft all of those again, when I have the chance) I don’t really see the point: a fix for this, as mentioned by @Fatshark_Hedge, has been in the work for some time. If it’s not released soon, this problem will just appear again next update.

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Yeah, the new Career for Sienna will for sure make this problem pop up for most old players that have collected portraits, illusions and red gear, even if they are frugal.

I don’t know, I’m just playing the game as it is intended. We are supposed to play with every character and all careers and not just main 1-2 classes…

They should increase the cap in the database and be done with this problem or… keep the item cap but add deeds and cosmetics to another pool, so we can be a little more free with the useful stuff.

This is what they have planned, according to @Fatshark_Hedge, that’s why I’ve been trying to ping him.

I remember he said with this change we should have around 10 illusions of every weapon, which is fine by me.

EDIT: I read in a previous post that the game has an extra amout of spaces in the inventory, so I might be able to craft everything this time, even if I’m past the point where I can open no more boxes. It’s only a matter of time until we reach the hard cap though

It’s not like this problem has only been around since 2018… ohh wait. But it would be really nice if something would happen in this respect… my boxes pile up only since almost a year, fortunately there is the softcap, so that at least the 5 bucks hats still come under.

Yeah, they have to eventually increase the database o limit in some way, because as I talk with more people this seems to be a common problem in people who play more than a 1000 hours since launch. People usually clean up and keep red items or the only 1-2 decent oranges they have for now, so it isn’t an issue with players but of design/dabatase/cap or three of those.

Please, Fatshark, do something about the caps! I made my 6 new red weapons for the warpriest and I can only open 1 chest at a time. Soon I will out of space.

That’s the reason why I sit on ~19k Shillings and haven’t bought more than 5 items in the Emporium. I don’t wanna clog up my inventory. Which is sad because I’d really like to get the cosmetics.

That was my sin! I was unlocking with my shillings the hats from cheaper to expensive since I already had the look I wanted for every career, and seems that was a mistake X/

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It’s so weird listening how you can run out of space storing inventories for a couple of millions of users in 2021 really.

Welp, it’s official: can’t open chests anymore after crafting my 6 new red weapons for the warpriest.

I hope Fatshark increases de database space for items, because this is absurd.

I’m raising this as a high-priority issue, I appreciate the inventory situation is a disaster right now.


Thanks a lot! ;·)

To be honest, there is no need to make a database problem out of it, the cause of all evil lies solely in the already nonsensical crafting system, and in the Weaves there is already a valid alternative that could have been transferred to the base game long ago.

Yeah but that’s not a realistic fix at this point in all likelihood. Unless they already have such a system nearly ready to go, probably better to take a different approach to get this fixed more quickly.

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