Patch 4.7

Mission completion and tomorrow’s patch:

BTW I got the message about the frame upon logging in (2 messages actually) but I didn’t get it. I hope that’s normal and not due to my inventory space.

Speaking of which: no news about the inventory change? @Fatshark_Hedge @Aqshy
I thought it would release this patch after the delay. I have to be honest, it’s a bit annoying not being able to craft new reds because I can’t open chests. Granted, this DLC doesn’t seem to require anything new, but I’m still wary of getting cosmetics, 'cause I’ve no way of knowing how much space I acually have left (I’m past the soft cap). I thought this was a high priority issue.

EDIT: I got the frame on the following log in.


In Dec. 2021, Fatshark said this about the Inventory Full bug:

It wasn’t addressed in the next patch. Then, Fatshark said (on Mar. 2022):

Patch 4.7 should be the next content update. However, I’m not seeing any mention of fixes for the bug in the Patch 4.7 notes.

2018(!) bug reports

2020 and later bug reports:


Yes, that’s exactly what I was referring to, thanks for being thorough.
For the record, the latter posts referred to the “soft cap” I mentioned: The inventory is about 100 items bigger than the soft cap (IIRC), the system is in place to avoid bigger issues (not sure what they would be, if you would lose items or if the game would actually fail to boot or crash, and I hope not to find out). Problem is, these posts are fairly old now, and between the new red skins, event frames, purchasing cosmetics - including premium ones - and the possibility of crafting I’m afraid the hard cap will be reached fairly soon!
That’s why I’m fairly worried by the lack of communication and I hope to hear from the team.

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I feel like I have no clue what that secret door is…

The secret door opens when the lever is pulled that provides access to the second grim; it’s just that little room with a few bombs in it. If I recall, you could toss cannonball through the locked doors and make the mission unwinnable.


There’s a lot of shadow changes to the rest of the expeditions: chests now have different events. Most are monsters with a retinue, but there’s more: there’s a plague monks wave, a CW wave, a beastmen banner wave, archer wave. (that’s what I’ve found so far)
This is from any chest, it doesn’t matter if it’s be’lakor or not.
Random boons now go for 150, weapon upgrades are more costly (500 from white to red temper), but now each tier of rarity reduces the cost of an upgrade/reroll.


I found a lifeleech coven.

Abominable duo: 2 monsters (personally got a chaos spawn and a stormfiend)

Your post deserves to be its own thread.

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Why did you remove the Campaign from the search in the server overview ?? For people to switch from the old, convenient interface to your new and useless one??