Regarding the number of Inventory Slots

I’m not sure about the inventory slots in Vermintide 2, but since the release of the “15” new shark hats I can actually open a whole box to reach the limit. Commendation Chests can still contain duplicates that cannot be melted down. I know that my problem with this is due to my nonsensical goal to have every illusion as a red item, but honestly I’m still far from that and with the announcement of Choas Wastes and a new class I’m sure there will be even more new weapons added. Can the inventory limit finally be raised and the duplication problem with the Commendation Chests be solved, PLEASE?

Edit: Hats bought from the Emporium count as inventory slots aswell but are not affected by the limitations, means, even if you can not open chests anymore you can still buy those hats. I just wonder why the inventory limit even exists when you can go beyond anyways?


It’s not something that bothers me (I prefer default illusions anyway) but I too don’t see why there should be a limit. Seems like a pointless limitation.

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Ah, a like-minded person! It’s an absurd goal, but after 2,500+ hours in the game, you have to make your own fun…


Or let us salvage the dupes, and no more same cosmetics and/or illusions from the loot.

About more the duped hats. I think all the cosmetics should be just become a unlock-ables. And with that, remove cosmetics as a items, translate those into the crafting materials or shillings.

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That was actually possible when the game released (dunno for how long). It was no good solution aswell, since you got distracted when melting down weapons and jewelery and might accidentally melt hats aswell. I think hat dupes should just be removed “by hand” or via another function but item salvaging. The core issue here is that it’s even possible to get hat dupes, and it could be such an easy fix by removing them from Commendation Chests and add them to the Emporium like every other hat and skin.

You can send in a support ticket to Fatshark Games and ask them to remove the hat duplicates. This might be a specific backend issue that only they can fix by having a looksie into your save files.

Also, I don’t think there should be an inventory increase. There’s a reason why it is capped.

#1 Giving the perception of player choice and forcing the player to make decisions on whether or not an item is valuable enough to keep.

#2 Memory limitations, increased loading times, increased bandwidth usage, decreased performance.
This is the reason why I think Fatshark put in the inventory cap.

Even Zenimax had to do something in ESO to improve performance because the amount of players and their inventories were causing massive lag and crashes. They had to put player’s accounts who have have been inactive for long periods of time into a “cold storage” to improve performance issues for the active players.

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The problem is, as i said above, you can exceed this limit with buying hats at Lohners Emporium or if you craft your own weapons (I have 55k Scrap, just some quick math and you know how far I could stack inventory items).

The system just keeps you from opening boxes that pile up in my inventory, I have no way to get red items/dust or deeds. So I would have to melt down a lot of my equipment to be able to open boxes and for every hat I buy I have to “sacrifice” another red item. This makes little sense to me.

I would have no problem to melt down all the items IF FatShark finally introduces a reasonable crafting system (and for more than a year now there is a much better one than the current one in Weaves) that allows to change illusions FAST without any resources.

The question I am still asking myself is: does it really lead to performance problems? We don’t have game servers anyway? I don’t know that much about the technology, but in principle it shouldn’t have any influence on the game performance, it should only take up a bit more memory in the backend?


All of our save files are saved on a server that Fatshark has sole control over. I don’t know what kind of server it is but it’s holding all player data from everyone who has ever started up Vermintide 1 & 2 since 2015 so, yeah, it could cause performance issues if we had unlimited inventory.

Even a company as big as Zenimax is having issues with performance because of player hoarding but they have over 13 million players to manage in ESO.

I’ve been playing V2 since before it released and my inventory is no where near full. I don’t hold on to stuff I don’t use though.

I do, however, have 4 pages of deeds that I can’t get rid of…

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What is the inventory item limit and do you know for a fact that hats count to this? Hats are on a completely separate page to equipment and deeds are separate also.

The item space we have been allocated is more than enough. There aren’t that many weapons and there are only a few combinations of properties and traits you’ll realistically use on each weapon for different builds. I maybe use 1.5 pages for melee weapons and trinkets per character and less than a page for ranged weapons, and even then it takes too long to find the exact trinket you want. These days I scrap everything just to keep the inventory free of clutter so I can find things (I have 80K scrap and 420 red dust). I only open chests for deeds.

The whole crafting and loot system is clunky - re-rolling properties and traits is boring AF. The entire thing should be replaced with the Athanor + a cosmetics inventory that doesn’t have duplicates, like the weapon illusions. Nice and efficient. What we don’t need is more space to accomodate the terrible loot/crafting system.

P.S. I know about Loadout Manager.


There are a couple posters here that have run in to the limit before. I agree there isn’t really a reason to have more than like two red weapons each, but the limit does seem arbitrary. I don’t think more inventory slots per player would take up very much space on their servers, at least I hope not.

I know that my problem with this is due to my nonsensical goal to have every illusion as a red item

I totally approve! This is my goal too, because this is Warhammer. Warhammer is above all about collecting and for Collectors. :hammer:

And yes, I have the same inventory overflow problem. I constantly hear that the inventory limit is 1000 items. This is completely not look like the truth, even with the already deeds, cosmetics and other things - I still don’t have a thousand items…

I have every red skin and plenty of room to spare in my inventory. It’s not a problem.

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But they aren’t talking about skins, they’re talking about having a weapon for every illusion if that makes sense

Yeah, every red skin is child’s play, try having a red version of every weapon model in the game. Some weapons have 9 or 10 unique models in addition to the glowy rune versions…

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I also had same issue.
Hope this problem be fixed soon.

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Some weapons have 9 or 10 unique models in addition to the glowy rune versions

If “gray” basic non-illusion is also count as illusion (because has its own unique description and model) - In this case, we have, for example, 11x Elven Longbows: Kerillian’s Longbow

And 13x two-handed elven greatswords: Kerillian’s Two-Handed Sword

+1 if the Weaves illusion is added. This is not to mention the new weapons of future сareers, which can only be crafted.

We really need a place for all these treasures!

There is item filter mod for player to find what they want easily. I have 3 pages for charms, I can find any charm which I want within 10 seconds. If you don’t believe my comment, I can upload video for you about how to find exact gear which you want within 10 secs by item filter mod. It seems that ‘it takes too long to find the exact trinket you want’ is just your own problem.

No one knows the exact number despite a few people reaching max inventory space but it’s roughly 846 items. Some say that in V1 you could have 9,000 items in your inventory before reaching max.

Source: Read the last comment

Yes, hats do count. When the game first launched, EVERYTHING counted including weapon illusions. Luckily, the weapon illusions no longer count towards inventory space. You only get 1 inventory for all of your items for all of your characters.

Hedge responds about Inventory Space Here

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Having 10 copies of the same sword seems pointless to me; but, to each their own. I’m happy just applying the illusion that fits the theme of my load out. I’ll continue to scrap new reds. I wonder how many unique weapon cosmetics there are in the game?

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I guess I’ll find out! I have like 150+ red dust anyway, it’s more fun to collect weapons than to just build up the dust pile.