Inventory space

Hello, posting here for a friend of mine whom always whine to me about inventory space in vermintide, he has 0 oranges and below but he is still unable to open any lootboxes due to his inventory being full with reds and cosmetics. Why even having an max inventory space is a thing?
Thoughts about the issue is appreciated but salvaging cosmetics and reds is out of the question and i know he is a lucky bastard with the amount of drops hes gotten :slight_smile:
edit: currently 90 lootboxes that he cannot open

i too have full inventory and cannot open new boxes :c

i suspect most of the spaces are used up by illusion and deeds.

i would not have stripped every illusion i find if i knew there was inventory cap. and the ability to see my inventory filling up to full >_> … but nuuuuu Q_Q

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