Need a bigger inventory

@Fatshark_Hedge Hello, I know that you guys are already working on a script to remove duplicate cosmetic items, but i don’t think that’s enough.
I’ve no duplicates, but I’ve almost reached the limit of my inventory space just by buying a lot of cosmetics and getting every frame and nearly every illusion for the game. I wouldn’t want to scrap a unique item to make space, but I’ll soon be unable to buy stuff from the emporium or get future weapon/challenges. As every expansion seems to add them (and rightfully so) I think we should get an inventory increase.


The plan isn’t to increase inventory size, but ultimately for us to move hard-baked items (cosmetics/items that cannot be customised) to a different storage solution (which is what we did with illusions already). It’s just taking a bit of time.


I haven’t had time to create a thread on the topic (again), so first of all, thanks to @WhereIsBaoDur.

I doubt that removing a few frames and the box types from the system will be enough in the long run. Or do you guys at FS expect players to only have their weapons in inventory once and every time you want to play with other properties to re-roll and to change the skin via crafting menu (without preview)?

In my opinion it needs more of a crafting fix (discussed here frequently in the recent year(s)) coupled with the planned changes to actually achieve a more satisfactory solution. The current system is simply a cramp regarding user-friendliness and handling (and honestly I do not even think about spending 10€ for 2 slots less right now).

And while I’m on the subject:

does “cosmetics/items that cannot be customized” mean that the color picker is off the table and we have to continue buying Bardin Beanies in different color variations for shillings with every item taking a seperate slot? (even if it’s not taking inventory slots then, this is just another example for poor implementation in terms of user-friendliness)

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That’s fantastic to know thanks. :smiley:
I appreciate it takes some time, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

We don’t expect everyone to have just 1 of each weapon type, but if they did, they’d have around 7% of their inventory taken at most (in the case where everything but weapons was removed from the inventory storage). In the situation where every item is removed apart from weapons, a player could have 13 of each type before they hit the cap (with every weapon available in the game right now).

This is napkin math though, so approximations :stuck_out_tongue:


This is great news! Just what I have been asking for!
I suspected this was the way the fix would be implemented. I’m very glad to have it confirmed. ^^

Well that sounds good!

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Do you have a rough idea when this may be implemented?

I’m completely out of space and now have to grind reds constantly to make space. For me the current big issue is deeds mounting up because I’ve been playing CW mostly since launch but whenever I get a deed I need to go and find a red to grind.

In all honesty I can still trim down my red necklaces, trinket, charms a bit but apart from that I have more than 2 red of very very few items.

Also heard talk that you could manually remove hard items on request for players having the full inventory problems? If the fix time is maybe around Christmas would it be possible to say have 150 deeds pulled from my inventory?

I can whip the deeds out of your inventory should you so wish :slight_smile: No ETA for the storage refactor yet though.