Expansion of the warehouse limit.

Dear FS, I would be very happy if you could expand the warehouse of items for the character. Current 1000 items, catastrophically not enough! Having all frames (except for a couple of event frames), all weapon illusions and almost all hats; which occupy more than half of the warehouse, I have a miserable couple of hundred left for the character’s military equipment! Which limits me in assemblies for different professions, difficulty levels and breakpoints for them. Please consider my proposal.


Weapon illusions no longer count against your inventory.

I do think cosmetics/deeds should have their own separate inventory apart from our weapons.


Thanks for the clarification! I don’t know if pictures are taking up space, but it doesn’t matter. I am glad that you are in solidarity with me. Simply, this discussion, namely the limitation of inventory, has been going on since the middle of 2018 and without results. I understand that many are not interested in this. BUT me, as having more than 450 red items and 2k chests, is upsetting.

I had to have all my deeds deleted just to make room :crazy_face:

They are working on removing the extra cosmetics (2 hats that are the same)


Is it possible to still ask FS to remove my deeds? And where do I ask? I only have 20-30 left and they’re mostly recruit. My inventory’s clogged up to the point that I can’t open my chests any more

You should probably mention @FatsharkJulia or @FatsharkLev, or send them a message directly via the messaging system :slight_smile:

thx! :slight_smile:

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