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So what about dupes hats from commendation chests?

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What’s the question?

I would say that Perteks’ question refers to the fact that “for years” there has been the problem that cosmetic hats can be looted multiple times from boxes, while unfortunately you can’t get rid of the copies and the statement

seems to indicate that this problem has not been taken care of in any way…
I guess the real question is: do you even care about this problem?

Any plans to do anything about them, like deleting or making commendation chest not obsolete?

Depends on how you want to see it. The problem has been taken care of in the sense that “most” cosmetics can be gained in Lohner’s Emporium.

If you mean double cosmetics then yes, it hasn’t been tackled. Yet.

The way I understand it is that once this is implemented, duplicate hats you already have will be deleted, just like how duplicate illusions were.

Unless Fatshark changes something, then you will probably still be able to get hats you already have from Commendation Chests. But since you already have them, you’ll not actually get anything.

If so, then every 50 chest or so you would lose out on 1 item. Not a big deal in my eyes, but it would be nice if you stopped getting hat drops when you have them all.



10 May 2021

  • Fixed an issue where some Pilgrim’s Coins would not carry over between runs since



The number of cosmetics that I‘ve seen after having opened thousands of legend and commendation chests is so depressingly low that I have to ask: how many hours of legend/cata gameplay does FS foresees for getting all the cosmetics in that way? 20k?

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One would say that getting something to work 100% reliably is a success of some sort.


Probably infinite if that’s how you’re getting your cosmetics. They don’t drop in normal chests.
Only commendation chests drop cosmetics.

I got all of mine at 1600~:D but i had horrid luck with cosmetics. Now you can buy them from Lohner and make commendations chest even faster obsolette

“after having opened thousands of legend and commendation chests”

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Still infinite, not all cosmetics can drop from comm chests. Many are only available from the emporium.

I’m at 2.3k and i’m missing my last one. Luckily the system is obsolete now, you could buy them for shillings, but there’s more things to buy than shillings to get - reds are ridiculously expensive - so i’m not buying commendation hats.
Incidentally i’m also missing a few red illusions, and there’s currently no way to get to those.
In vermintide 1 you’d get everything around 800 hours, which was still a huge amount, but at least not this insane. Hopefully things will get better.

What do you mean by “everything around 800 hours”? All red weapons? This is not a funny joke!

In V1, I consistently received ONE red weapon per MONTH + 1-2 from the Quest&Contract Board.
For all the great time, I could not get the Red - Glaive, Falchion and Fire Dagger, although I paid money for the DLC. Just because almost 40% of my playing time was lost due to crashes and disconnects.

In V2 I get 4-5 Red items per 100 Legendary Vaults (different quality).
One Hat per 75-100 Commendation Chests.
Aditional 1 red for 100-150 Commendation Chests.

This is the only statistic that I trust, because it is obtained by my sweat and blood.

I am not dramatizing. I haven’t even come close to achieving my goals in the game all along.

I may be biased, as I played the game in its last year of support, as such, the bounty board was firmly in place. It fits with my experience and what other veterans told me (players level 1000+, who seemed to agree around level 400 you’d generally have it all). Towards the end I’ve played with extra rats modification, which upon success would grant an additional green die, so that might have helped too, but I’d argue 1000 hours is a reasonable time cap for it.
VT2 time seeems to be around 2.5 times that, sadly. Things might change once - if - they add red illusions to the emporium.

You can’t imagine it hurts me to see what you wrote!
I seemed to have gone through all the agony to get a red weapon in V1.

If I continued my goal to collect all the Reds in V1, then with my “luck” I needed another 1.5-2 thousand hours in addition to those already spent. THIS is what I know for sure.

The RNG in Vermintide has ALWAYS been absolutely monstrous terrible - an absolutely out-of-measure ratio of labor / time and reward.

I want an adequate reward for my efforts. I’ve been waiting for this all 5 bloody years.

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I’ve been playing for about 600 hrs now, and I have 95% of red items. Not the Illusions though, but I don’t really mind them and comparing them with V1 in terms of completion time may be a bit unfair as V2 has more illusions per weapon.

Yes, I’m talking about all illusions, it makes for a big difference in time required.


Are you talking about for 1 char?

You also need to have 50 reds to salvage just for the dlc weapons. I just got salty red rapier after getting 5 red grestswords for him and maybe 4 bops, he is my 2nd most played char

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