PC Hotfix 4.5.1

Patch 4.5.1

Stability and Localisation

  • Improved localization.
  • Fix crash when opening the playerlist while in a deed.
  • Fixed crash when player hits a dead actor with a melee weapon.
  • Fixed crash when always blocking boon is picked up or gets disabled while new weapon is loading in.
  • Fix DLCs not being changed to installed when buying a DLC while in-game for PC.

While we orginially implemented privacy options based on reports of player toxicity, we heard your feedback and have added new privacy features to the in-game tab menu as well as improved existing ones to give players a greater choice of how to show and hide their builds.

  • Added a public option for build view privacy setting.
  • Made the privacy option asymmetric: now if you set your build to public others will be able to see it regardless of their setting.
  • A label should now show for others when another player’s build is hidden due to privacy.


  • Into the Nest: Fixed an issue where players could get left behind in the Into the Nest when two players pulled the lever at the same time (sometimes resulting in crash at the end of the elevator trip).


  • Warrior Priest’s Implacable should now work as expected. The delayed damage effect was doing too much damage.
  • Revives from the Warrior Priest’s The Comet’s Gift talent now count in the scoreboard.
  • Ironbreaker’s Gromril Armor should now refresh on clients.
  • Ironbreaker’s Vengeance talent should now activate when Gromril Armor is triggered.
  • Grail Knight, Outcast Engineer, Sister of the Thorn and Warrior Priest of Sigmar have a chance to do mission briefings when loading into a map.
  • Fixed curse resistance not affecting Twitch mode curses.
  • Corrected rarity for one of the nonruned Chaos Wastes weapons.
  • Fixed an animation in 1h Spear and Shield.
  • The gamma setting no longer affects text rendering.
  • Chaos Wastes: Corrected rarities of weapon illusions.

Oh hey, does that mean that this change could also be made to Mercenary’s ‘On yet feet’?


Nice to see some quickfix on Implacable and Gromril’s Armor. What about the interaction between Incorruptiple and Curse Resistance leading to increased HP? Is that intended?

Also nice to see the “Public” option for the privacy settings. That was requested, and having the option hurst noone.


Looks like a pretty large outage at one of the internets main service providers. So things may be patchy until that is solved

EDIT: This is solved now it seems

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Not intended, but we’re not in a rush to fix it.


Could you provide a bit of info on “old fashioned learning” challenge?
As it is now, people who have been testing this assure that the only way to kill 60 rats with one blow is by abusing hyperdensity somehow. Is this intended? Are we likely to see a change to it?


Seconding getting Merc’s shout revives to count.

Also, any fixes for the WP achievements?

Namely using Shield of Faith to mitigate Implacable, and the one for punching Chaos Warriors after being punched.

“Backend Error : 1110”
Please fix
Would like to purge ratmen in the name of sigmar!
gg with the Warrior Priest

Awesome work. Just wanted to ask here on what the intention is for Implacable’s interaction with Barkskin. It seems that currently, the delayed damage from Implacable is not reduced by Barkskin, which means that WP can take more damage than other tanky careers using barkskin. I understand having bark triggered by Implacable’s DoT would be very strong, but being consistently reduced by it (since 2 of its 3 second duration should have barkskin up) would be a good way to keep WP in line with other tanky careers like Foot Knight, Ironbreaker, and Unchained.

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One minor issue… Could you make sure that we see the grey icons in the weapon slots when the build is not set as shared with the public/friends?

I played on Victor Saltzpyre - Zealot - and looted random range weapon on chaos wastes game.
It gave me melee weapon - double maces - form Warrior Priest career. But Zealot doesnt have melee weapon on second slot to choose.
So, tell me, is that bug?
I think, idea to give him melee weapon to both slots pretty logic, but now it works like bug, cause i cant chose that in game creating lobby.