PC Hotfix 5.1.1

Here are the patchnotes for hotfix 5.1.1 for Necromancer release!


  • Added more failsafes for Twitch mode not working.
  • Fixed occasional host crash from skeleton targets dying
  • Fixed Soulstealer Staff not benefiting from the “Heat Sink” trait
  • Fixed a crash when hotjoining into game with a Sienna that has the ‘Lost Souls’ talent.
  • Fixed crashes related to French localization.
  • Fixed crash when Necromancer bot used the Soulstealer Staff’s ‘Soul Rip’ attack.
  • Fixed a crash from throwing Morgrim’s Bomb on enemies.
  • Fixed a crash when the Necromancer commanded her skeletons to defend in the exact moment they died.
  • Fixed frames from Chaos Wastes challenges being hidden unless you own the Forgotten Relics
  • Fixed a crash that happened when hotjoining while a resumeable interaction is in progress.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while starting a resumable interaction as a client related to latency and prediction.
  • Fixed a crash with the souls from the Necromancer’s ‘Lost Souls’ talent when targeting Wizards Tower skulls.
  • Fixed the souls from the Necromancer’s ‘Lost Souls’ talent having issues hitting targets.
  • Chaos Wastes: Fixed Rhya’s Thorns boon crashing upon breaking shields.
  • Fixed crash for when a Necromancer left the game while a projectile from the Soulstealer Staff was chasing enemies.
  • Fixed rare crash occurring when a player hot-joined into a moving elevator, while a Globadier made a charge run towards the player.
  • Fixed some crashes related to Sister of the Thorns’ walls.
  • Fixed a crash when Morgrim’s Bomb stuck to an enemy.
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