[PC] Vermintide 2 - Hotfix


Patch 1.5 went live yesterday and today we’re plugging some holes.

22 Feb - Hotfix -

  • HUD scale can now be decreased down to 50% of the actual size (down from 70%).
  • All HUD-components are now effected by the HUD scaling.
  • Fixed an issue where players could select hero skins for salvage.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Chaos Spawn despawned (was killed in Event mode) while grabbing a player
  • Fixed Twitch mode HUD not appearing for clients

20 Feb - Hotfix -

  • Kerillian’s Glaive - moved the block input up in priority plus added a short block cancel-window at the start of each light sweep which should enable players to cancel out reliably. This should stop cases where the glaive did a light attack instead of blocking, in the case where block input is held.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash if getting interrupted when firing a blunderbuss or grudge-raker before the first pellet had left the weapon.
  • Fixed the unobtainable Grimoire on The Pit.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if a player that was leaving the game was near a player that did a shield slam attack.
  • Fixed a couple of cases where some weapons still could be shot faster by spamming the reload button.

19th Feb - Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue where Brace of Pistols couldn’t crit.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if hitting the shield of an enemy at the same time as the enemy was despawned.
  • Fixed cases where players were stuck on 83/84 Bogenhafen Cosmetics collected in the new Okri’s Challenge.

19 Feb - Hotfix

  • The most common crash has been fixed*.
  • A crash that could occur when using a gamepad has been fixed.
  • We have had a quick pass over the Magazine-fed weapons reload behaviour. There’s more to come, but they should be a little less ridiculous.

*Some mods may still need updating so we suggest checking out the Patch 1.5 - Mods and Crashes thread in the forums for details on how to troubleshoot those:


Thanks for the hotfix, FatShark! Y’all rock. Can’t wait to hit the ground running on the mutator tonight!

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How about glaive and dual axe fixes? Or the massive slow after H1 on keri 2h sword (still unsure if thats the intended behaviour)

No more crashes which is great, but im still having terrible performance issues.

Im talking going from a solid 60 (pre 1.5) fps to 30ies or lower (post 1.5). Especially when fighting, the game just seems to give up and becomes a power point presentation. Everything is jittery and laggy. In this state it’s a pain in the a** to play

Your report has been submitted to the optimalization department of Fatshark. Thanks for your feedback!

Oh wait. Theres no optimalization department… WHOOPS

Don’t blue ball me pls

Any word on fixing the UI scaling?
It looks absolutely horrible at 3440x1440.

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I cannot set ui_scale to 120 in user_settings.config, please fix it ASAP.

@Osvi Maybe because they raised the number of ragdolling bodies. This eats more of your resources and maybe you want to lower your settings.

Has anyone else noticed there’s a ton more bodies on the floor? When you kill hordes, they really stack up now. Perhaps that’s what’s causing the performance issues?

The new gas bomb animation drops FPS when I look at it as well.

I’ve noticed that they changed the animation for the fire for the gas bombs. That very well could contribute. I personally have not noticed more bodies stacking but that could be due to the fact that all my setting are set to low.

well i like to see exe sword heavy attack nerf roll back as 37.75 to 44
i still don’t understand exe sword nerf in BBB


But srsly, how is something like that even possible? :smiley:

Thanks for the glaive fix… not tested it yet, so wishful thinking maybe, but assuming it’s all good, thanks.

Nah man, my pc can handle all kinds of bodies just fine, the source of the problem is something else. But it seems to be linked to either dx12 or borderless fullscreen as when i switch to dx 11 and fullscreen it runs just fine

FPS keeps dropping from 60 to 30 in regular cycles throughout the whole level on every map and even in the keep as well. Although it’s more specific in the keep, it drops every time I exit and re-enter the central part of the keep, take a look at the video and watch the FPS counter in the top right corner

So I don’t believe it’s ragdoll/enemy related.


This kind of slowdown is most likely CPU-related. VT2 is just such an incredibly CPU-hog, when I want to play without much of this stuff hapening, I have to overclock my CPU.

That is correct, VT strains the CPU a lot. But the thing is that I haven’t had this problem prior to the newest patch.


FPS keeps dropping from 60 to 30 in regular cycles throughout the whole level on every map and even in the keep as well

This is going to sound crazy, but perhaps try tweaking the following values on your video settings. I was having the exact same issue (i.e. pre-patch = 120 FPS average in the Keep. post-patch = 30 FPS average in the keep). After tweaking some settings, my FPS is back to what it was - and these were the settings I tweaked - perhaps it might help in your situation as well.

Blood Decal Amount old => 100 | new => 500
Display Mode old => Windowed Borderless | new => Full-screen
Max Shadow Casting Lights old => 6 | new => 10

What’s odd is I’m “increasing the setting’s values” instead of decreasing them , but these were the values I got when I clicked “optimize” in my GeForce experience settings for Vermintide 2.

I have also tested these settings independently in the game and sure enough they do affect my FPS drastically. You can give it a shot and see what happens - depending on your card (V-RAM) you might need to adjust to some other values

To give context I run a Titan XP card, so the only explanation I have is that perhaps those default settings conflicted somehow with my card and gave bad performance, but idk really. I’m sure some graphics expert could probably figure out why I get the results I got from changing my settings

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