[PC | Xbox] Patch 4.5 | CU35


Welcome to Patch 4.5, which introduces Victor Saltzpyre’s new career: Warrior Priest of Sigmar, as well as various fixes and some tweaks, with some specifically made to address some of the feedback regarding the most brutal, maybe unfair Grudge Mark combinations in the Chaos Wastes.

Patch 4.5 Patch Notes:

New Features

  • Victor Saltzpyre’s new career: Warrior Priest of Sigmar, is available now!

Stability and Localisation

  • Fixed various unspecifiable crashes.
  • Fixed various localisation issues.
  • [PC Only] Fixed crash when selecting an item to salvage with gamepad in the crafting menu.


  • The Chaos Spawn will now deal less damage on grabbing a player, and more consistently deal damage when chewing or slamming a player. The Chaos Spawn will also now only either chew, or slam a player as opposed to both back to back.
  • Stormvermin Commanders can now be cleaved through as expected after having mass modifiers added.
  • Maulers no longer have an attack deadzone, where they would stand in an idle pose due to having a gap between attack-type distance requirements.

The following list of adjustments have been made to various Grudge Marked Monsters

  • Chaos Spawn and Minotaur can no longer be marked with ‘Shield Shatter’.
  • Chaos Trolls can no longer be marked with ‘Invulnerable’.
  • Reduced chance of getting ‘Invulnerable’ along with ‘Regenerating’.
  • ‘Crippling’ and ‘Shield Shatter’ will no longer appear together.
  • Reduced chance of getting ‘Illusionist’ along with ‘Shadow-Step’ OR ‘Invincible’


  • Empire in Flames: Fixed a location where players could get stuck.
  • Fort Brendanfrasier: Fixed a location at the end event where bots could get stuck.
  • Garden of Morr: Fixed a soft lock that could prevent the level from being completed.
  • Horn of Magnus: Replaced a low poly vista house with one that looks more in-line with the neighbouring properties.
  • Chaos Wastes: Players can now switch away from bombs while under the “Endless Bombs” potion.
  • Chaos Wastes: The Chest of Trials can now spawn Minotaurs when playing a Skaven/Beastmen flavoured location.
  • Chaos Wastes: Fixed some cases where the Chest of Trials failsafe would trigger too soon.


  • [PC Only] Fixed game mode not showing correctly for Weaves and Chaos Wastes in Steam Rich Presence.
  • [PC Only] The standard lobby browser’s text should no longer get messed up while viewing a lobby in a Citadel expedition.
  • Twitch Mode voting UI should now appropriately “ding” both hosts and clients when counting down in both Adventure and Chaos Wastes game modes.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Athanor interface to glow an ominous red.
  • When multiple monsters are in play, the HP bar shown will prioritize the monster that you either pinged, dealt damage to, or took damage from last (ping and dealing damage having a higher priority), and will display the closest monster’s HP as a fallback.
  • Chaos Wastes: Fixed an issue where Bile Troll HP bars would display incorrectly.
  • [PC Only] Added an option for Equipment & talents privacy to control who can see your equipped items and talents in the new playerlist menu. The relationship is symmetrical: if you’re not sharing your talents with someone you won’t be able to see theirs either.


  • Outcast Engineer’s ‘Field Trials’ Okri’s Challenge can now be completed if the player has selected the ‘Gromril-Plated Shot’ talent.
  • Outcast Engineer’s ‘Engineer’s Resolve’ Talent multiplier has restored back to 1 from an unintentional change to 0.5.
  • The Conflagration Staff casting location should now be visible to all players.
  • ‘Resourceful Combatant’ should now appropriately proc on melee attacks.
  • Bots should more reliably ‘reload’ Throwing Axes and Javelins.
  • Ironbreaker Bardin’s index finger should no longer have a strange marking on certain settings/configurations.
  • Pinging a downed player should once again work as expected.

A clever change. Most Grudge Marks work. It is just that certain combination or traits on certain monsters are overproblematic. This should reduce some of the complains. Especially like how shield-shatter is still possible on Rat Ogre because it can be locked easier in position than a Chaos Spawn.

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I’d still tune the grudge marks so that illusionist doesn’t get applied to monsters with ranged attacks (Stormfiend, Troll). It is way too easy for those to carpet bomb the playing field and make engagement impossible for melee-oriented careers, especially on cata. Good changes so far though, no complaints about those.

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Unless I’m missing something obvious, I have expected a lot more - it’s either share with your friends or don’t share. Why not “share with everyone”? I don’t even understand the secrecy…


Usual band-aid fix because admitting the mistakes is too much for a wounded pride.
FFS remove Illusionist from Stormfiends and reduce Rampart damage reduction to 50%
And remove the health and damage bonuses from the Grudge marked bosses. You cannot have your cake and eat it.

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