Please provide additional Inventory Space!


Please review my account. I have zero Oranges now, I scrapped all of my perfectly rolled ones. My account is now filled with 100% red items, all of the various cosmetics and frames that are available, and I now have zero room in my inventory.

I can no longer open chests to try to get hats, and I am unwilling to scrap my balanced collection of reds. I do not have more than 4 of any red weapon, and I have around 20 each of charms trinkets and necklaces.

Please give us more inventory room.


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Meh. . . It doesn’t look like anyone cares.

Did you click on the Thread?
Hedge said " The plan isn’t to increase inventory size, but ultimately for us to move hard-baked items (cosmetics/items that cannot be customised) to a different storage solution (which is what we did with illusions already). It’s just taking a bit of time". and this - "We don’t expect everyone to have just 1 of each weapon type, but if they did, they’d have around 7% of their inventory taken at most (in the case where everything but weapons was removed from the inventory storage). In the situation where every item is removed apart from weapons, a player could have 13 of each type before they hit the cap (with every weapon available in the game right now).

This is napkin math though, so approximations "

So it seems like people do care, but since you didn’t read the thread given to you I assume you dont.


Hi there. Rat_Effer.

Guess what? I did not know that the quote above was a link to a thread. I just learned that.

I have a question for you. Has it served you well in life to make so many bad assumptions about people?

Think on that.

Looks like you could ask yourself the same question. :upside_down_face:

In any case, those numbers you mention in the opening thread don’t really seem right. Did you check your deeds? Those eat storage space as well afaik. Even with a fully decked armory, all of the Okri book cosmetics and some extra stuff from the Emporium, you should still be having a few hundred open slots left. Unless deeds are eating them.

Edit: Just to make the point more clear, I did a quick check and I think that if you’d have literally 5 red pieces for every single weapon in the game, (DLC included), that would put you to 375 weapons. Let’s just approximate it to 400 to make it completely crazy. With 20 pieces of each jewelry that nets you 460 eaten slots, so you have 540 left available for cosmetics. I’d be surprised if there’s that many of them in the game at the moment. Again, I suggest to check your deeds because it feels like you have a lot of them around.

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I do ask myself the same question, that’s why I learn stuff.

Snide remarks like the ones that Rat_Effer makes to people don’t get you very far in life. A simple comment like, “Read the thread that Adelion posted” would have sufficed. Then I would have done just that and said thanks. Instead, he was combative towards me.

Anyway, I want my deeds, I already have the 500 frame. I may play the deeds in the future. I’m hopeful that a fix comes before they release more DLC weapons and cosmetics because at the moment, I’m stuck.

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