Full Inventory : biggest veteran players's problem

A new carrier, some new skins, some new weapon to test, to craft with differents stats to test differents builds.

After some test, we decide to upgrade some to red level but here come the problem, so much chests we can’t open because the inventory is full…

Even if i destroy more weapon than i’ve craft to test new Saltzpyre’s toys, my inventory stay full…

I’ve read than deeds and cosmetic use some inventory slot, i guess that new bluprint take space as well.

Please, after all thoses new skin/carrier/weapons, perhaps add some inventory slot can be a nice thing to think about.

I really love this game, even more the hard part, After more than 2500h I accept all difficulties the game can have, even if it come from our mate… :kissing_heart:


No-one really enjoy discard weapons we re-roll 100 times to get the stats we search. Pleaseee, give us more slot, too much stuff to keep… :crazy_face:

PS: Sorry for my bad english skill, hope the main topic can be understand.


This has been a problem for a while, reported numerous times. The problem is bound to worsen the more FS releases additional cosmetics.

I once took the chance to ask hedge directly about this in October on the official discord and he answered thusly:

We don’t have plans on increasing the cap, but we do have plans to shift some items to an alternative storage solution, as you say, akin to illusions. illusions used to take up inventory space but this was changed so in the future expect other items to follow suit, in particular items that cannot be customized (hats or hero skins etc).


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I have the same issue, I don’t really consider myself a hoarder even though I do have an assortment of veteran items per character, but that’s less than 1 page per char. With this new update I can no longer open chests, therefore no longer forge / upgrade veteran for the Warrior Priest.
Surely there can be some adjustment made for the veteran players who like to have a set of weapons for different builds on inventory.

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