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Greetings travelers of the “Warhammer FB” universe!

In particular, Warhammer Vermintide 2. I have been playing this game for a long time, starting from closed beta. After spending more than 5000 hours in the game, I ran into such a problem that I can’t longer open chests.
Even before the Warrior Priest release, I could only open 1 chest (then the inventory turned out to be full). Before that time, I had already done all challenges at Okri book, all possible skins and frames were acquired. I want to remind you that there are also rewards for time limited events. In total i got: 191 hats, 143 hero skins and 136 portrait frames.

Also I have: 84 blueprints for weapons, necklaces, etc .; 578 weapon illusions; 7 types of crafting resources; 96 paintings; 6 types of chests; 3 uncompleted “heroic deeds” .

I don’t know how many item slots can be available on one account, but my friend said that there can be only 1000 of them. Also, I don’t know which items really take place in the actual inventory pool. I will link stats of my account down below.

Stats final
Now I have: 36 necklaces, 38 charms, 39 trinkets, 246 weapons I created. At first look, this seems like a large amount of equipment. But if we consider all individual careers and all possible build variations, this number no longer looks so impressive, less than a page of each weapon, and a little more than one page of jewelry. With the release of a new career (“Warrior Priest”), about 40 new icons (hats, skins, weapons, etc.) have been added, respectively. To be able to open new chests, I will have to remove 40 units of my equipment, which used in different builds. I clearly don’t want to delete my equipment, cause I have spent a lot of time grinding it.

I also have to give up buying new hats and skins in the Lohner’s Emporium. In order not to clog the item space even more. Of course, this problem can be encountered in the later stages of the game, I am not the first and the last player who have troubles in this regard. I have no doubt that there will be more people like me over time, so I ask for your help, dear developers.

I do not know how difficult it is to solve my problem in technical terms. But with the release of new careers and events more of this will be presented: new frames, skins, etc. Inventory space requirements should be increased, because it creates problems for players. It may be possible to increase the inventory at least for those who have purchased DLCs where there are new weapons and skins. Or give the opportunity to exchange unopened chests for resources for crafting. I don’t know what else I could add to my request. I hope my post will find a response in the V2 community.


I have the same issue mate, I arrived here faster than you after 1900 hours because I have 2 pages of Deeds.

Let’s hope Fatshard increases the Item amount soon or this is going to be unmanageable and we won’t be able to use Sienna’s Heroic class when it comes out.

I haven’t been able to open a chest in months because of this. It wasn’t really a problem until all of a sudden they’ve added 2 new weapons and 2 new weapons and 6 new weapons and so on. I had enough red dust to upgrade one each of WPoS’s weapons, but am now down to 30, meaning I need to be very picky about using more.

At the time of writing this, I have 1828 unopenable chests and 282 deeds. I recently ran all of my low level deeds to see if I could open up some space in my inventory. It didn’t help. I don’t like deeds, and I don’t want deeds. They aren’t fun, and they’ve always seemed like an afterthought design-wise insofar as people can’t even queue for them.

This is an incredibly irritating situation that Fatshark should have seen coming and fixed beforehand.

if you’re curious, here’s what the developer answered me on Steam: Steam Community :: Error

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