Please maximize inventory volume to open chest

I can make items by crafting. But I can’t open chests with red warning comment “Inventory full, Salvage items to open Spoils of War.” This is so ridiculous. Why can’t I open any chest even though I can make items by crafting ?

All of items in my inventory is reds. I don’t want to salvage them. They’re all needed for me to make various builds. And I don’t know how many items have to be salvaged for me to open chests. This fact makes me really upset. Do you have any plans to maximize inventory volume at next patch ?


I was in the same situation until I salvaged a lot of my red items.
It would be great if the max inventory size increased, as I’m nearing the cap again and find myself unwilling to salvage a lot of my remaining stuff.

If Fatshark doesn’t want to increase the max inventory size, then an alternative would be to make it so that Portraits, Hats, Hero Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Deeds and Loot Chests don’t take up inventory spots. Illusions and Art do not take up space, so it should be possible to do this.

With the introduction of Lohner’s Emporium, the amount of cosmetics have drastically increased. Weaves, events and the new class have also introduced new cosmetics. Already we have so many cosmetics that the inventory size is negatively affected. With 4 more classes to come, new weapons being introduced, the store being updated at the rate it is being updated and more events and seasons to come, cosmetics are bound to eventually cripple the inventory size.

Another thing that would help (very slightly) is if Fatshark did something about duplicate hats.


I have same problems and confirm everything that was said above.

The theme about increasing / fixing inventory is extremely important to me, because collecting is my goal in the game.

Moreover, in V1 I have never encountered an inventory overflow for the entire time.

I hope our dear Developers will turn their attention and solve these problems.