Regarding the number of Inventory Slots

There are a couple posters here that have run in to the limit before. I agree there isn’t really a reason to have more than like two red weapons each, but the limit does seem arbitrary. I don’t think more inventory slots per player would take up very much space on their servers, at least I hope not.

I know that my problem with this is due to my nonsensical goal to have every illusion as a red item

I totally approve! This is my goal too, because this is Warhammer. Warhammer is above all about collecting and for Collectors. :hammer:

And yes, I have the same inventory overflow problem. I constantly hear that the inventory limit is 1000 items. This is completely not look like the truth, even with the already deeds, cosmetics and other things - I still don’t have a thousand items…

I have every red skin and plenty of room to spare in my inventory. It’s not a problem.

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But they aren’t talking about skins, they’re talking about having a weapon for every illusion if that makes sense

Yeah, every red skin is child’s play, try having a red version of every weapon model in the game. Some weapons have 9 or 10 unique models in addition to the glowy rune versions…

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I also had same issue.
Hope this problem be fixed soon.

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Some weapons have 9 or 10 unique models in addition to the glowy rune versions

If “gray” basic non-illusion is also count as illusion (because has its own unique description and model) - In this case, we have, for example, 11x Elven Longbows: Kerillian’s Longbow

And 13x two-handed elven greatswords: Kerillian’s Two-Handed Sword

+1 if the Weaves illusion is added. This is not to mention the new weapons of future сareers, which can only be crafted.

We really need a place for all these treasures!

There is item filter mod for player to find what they want easily. I have 3 pages for charms, I can find any charm which I want within 10 seconds. If you don’t believe my comment, I can upload video for you about how to find exact gear which you want within 10 secs by item filter mod. It seems that ‘it takes too long to find the exact trinket you want’ is just your own problem.

No one knows the exact number despite a few people reaching max inventory space but it’s roughly 846 items. Some say that in V1 you could have 9,000 items in your inventory before reaching max.

Source: Read the last comment

Yes, hats do count. When the game first launched, EVERYTHING counted including weapon illusions. Luckily, the weapon illusions no longer count towards inventory space. You only get 1 inventory for all of your items for all of your characters.

Hedge responds about Inventory Space Here

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Having 10 copies of the same sword seems pointless to me; but, to each their own. I’m happy just applying the illusion that fits the theme of my load out. I’ll continue to scrap new reds. I wonder how many unique weapon cosmetics there are in the game?

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I guess I’ll find out! I have like 150+ red dust anyway, it’s more fun to collect weapons than to just build up the dust pile.

Those posts are 2 years old… and this issue basically still exists (even if Illsuions do not count anymore, that is no fix imho), are there any news/plans/whatever regarding this, or maybe planed workarounds with an easier to use crafting system for example @Fatshark_Hedge ?

The limit is around 1000 items last I checked, which is a fair amount of stuff to be hoarding up. The worst offenders for hogging space now would be cosmetics and deeds. We have added ways players can more quickly salvage their stockpiles of items in recent weeks which can help those who had a big old pile of trash they couldn’t face breaking down.

We don’t have plans to increase the storage capacity of inventories. The difference between V1 where inventories were limitless and V2 where they’re capped is in V1 we used our own backend system, and in V2 we use a third party platform for it where you can’t just add limitless data.

This is a good thing, V1 inventories could get so large that the player could no longer log in. :expressionless:


Thank you for leaving comment. I have questions.

  1. I can’t open any chest now because of too many items include gears(weapon, charm, necklace, trinket), cosmetics and deeds. However, in this situation, I can create gears. Is this also intended ?

  2. Do you have plan to add savaging or deleting deeds which player has like salvaging gears?

  1. There is a cap, and a cap-cap, I believe. I don’t think it’s entirely intended however. We intentionally have the cap lower than the max it can be to avoid potential issues that could arise, and allow for expansion in the future if truly needed. (in thinking more on this, I believe the cap may be 750 items, and the cap-cap 1000).
  2. It’s on my wishlist for sure. It’s been one of those QOL changes which hits a roadblock with our intent to look at that system as a whole, an intent we haven’t yet quite got around to giving a big push.

Do the blacksmithing weapon templates count as inventory items? What about portrait frames?

They do indeed.


Personally, I think the given inventory amount is sufficient currently. I mean there are somewhere between 25-35 hats+armor per career (so about 175 items total) and maybe about 100 (less most likely, would have to count) frames. Then we add the weapon templates which are about 60-70 and you have in total less than 350 items if you have all cosmetics. Let’s say the general user also has less than 100 Deeds and we are at 450 items.

Which means you have an optional space of at least 300 items. As said, there are 70 weapons and most weapons have in average two red skins which makes about 150 for the collectors plus maybe 30 for Charms etc… The remaining 120 (if we take 750 as upper limit) are caused simply by hoarding or unusually high amount of Deeds. Still 50, if for some reason you also want one weapon with an applied Bögenhafen purple skin.

However, so or so, it is undeniable that the amount of items is increasing. This counts for new weapons naturally but also for new cosmetics and similar. One problem is that we currently have no way of removing deeds without playing them as well as cosmetics (in general or those we have double). I think it would help if we remove the cosmetics from the total counter and reduce the “free space” a bit (but less than the current amount of cosmetics) to not have to worry about hats but to still discourage hoarding. One doesn’t need every weapon in the game in four different variations/stats.

Thank you for answering!

We have added ways players can more quickly salvage their stockpiles of items in recent weeks

I would really like these functions to be available through the Controller UI menu layout (which is still BETA, but I only use it, even playing on a PC with a mouse and keyboard - because it’s prettier and better!)

And I hope that Weave-forged weapons are really separate and do not count towards the inventory places?

And finally, after the release Grail Knight DLC, the my game constantly “forgets” the changes in the characters equipment, I wrote about this bug reports many times . Something can be done?

(Apologies if off-topic)

We did add those in the most recent update I think.

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