About duplicate head accessories

Now the support staff will not delete duplicate options for someone alone,They want to have a more convenient way to deal with these problems, So I would like to ask how the work is progressing?This article is completed with the help of translation software. If there are grammatical errors, please forgive me!

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Yeah I’m starting to get duplicate hats, too.

Where the LE hats not added to the loot drop lists? Or is this just an unintended consequence of having a plethora of hats unlocked?

The only thing we know about the duplicate hat fix is from the following two posts back in early January. No estimate as of yet.

As for the following…

No new hats have been added to the Commendation Chests’ drop table. If you want any of the new hats, you will have to buy them with Shillings in Lohner’s Emporium.


Yep, my inventory was full of deeds. At least they can delete those… the hat fix is “in the works” whatever that means. I think that would have freed up 10 spots? maybe more

They need to put in a way to delete the deeds you don’t want, IMO.


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