Again Hats undetected in my account

I have the same issue I had last time, this time I have a double drop of a IB helmet and a Mercenary hat that a few months I bought already and later after opening 100 Commendation Chest.

Could you fix it in my account, maybe? My SteamId is mrfrostraven.

Thanks for your work. Looking forward to play Darktide!

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Doesnt it means you got all commendations hats with thoses heroes ?

Before the Shilling buying system this didn’tn happen to me. Back then when I had all the hats those from another random character dropped. In this case I was opening all my chests with Bardin Slayer and I got first an Irobreaker Helmet and after that a Mercenary Hat.

Seems like the drop table doesn’t update properly when you first buy the old hats, but that’s just my guess.

Sooo… There’s not going to be a fix for my situation or are you working on a final solution style patch for the loot tables and databases?

Although this thread is marked as acknowledged, maybe it would be better to submit a Support Ticket instead. The Support Sharks got back to me about this same issue in just a few days after I made the request.

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Of courseeee…


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