Two Hats undetected in my account

My issue is that a few weeks ago I bought a Foot Knight helmet and later opening Commendation Chest the same Helmet dropped again. I also have a Ranger hat that is also avaliable to buy although I already have it.

Could you fix it in my account, maybe? My SteamId is mrfrostraven.

Thanks for your work. Looking forward to play Darktide!

Hi @Romanov,

I’ve passed this info along to one of our developers.

I’ll update you once I know more.

@Romanov - to update you

There’s definitely a bug somewhere as duplicate cosmetics should not be gained from chests. I’ve now raised this in our database - so thank you for the report!

Also, your duplicate hat has been removed and the shillings you originally spent have been returned, so you can spend them on something else now :grin:


Thanks! That was way faster than I thought it would be, specially in these Endtimes. Stay safe, Sharks!

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