Could we get Shillings for 'selling back' duplicate cosmetics to Lohner?

Repost from the last Beta because it’s getting worse by the day.

Let’s have a cool way to get rid of duplicates and actually get something for finding them. Or at least disable drops once a player has obtained all from the commendation chest pool.


Can’t you salvage them anymore ?

Why would I salvage them? I drown in mats and they seem to be too valuable just for salvaging (i.e. deleting).

I don’t know I did think you asked this because you couldn’t actually do something with them. I mean, as shillings let you buy hats, I’m not sure shillings are more important than mats at this point for you =p

Shillings are more important than mats in any case because you can get cosmetics with Shillings.

Also, I don’t care about mats anymore.

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Don’t worry I have the same screen for mats (but wasn’t fortunate enough with commendations to actually have near all hats though =p)

All this flexing :’(


What about actually giving me your duplicates ?

Cool idea.

Remember trading? Yeah, it’s not a thing.

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Support Ticket = > To devs
“Hello there, can you give all my duplicate hats to Froh ?”