Useless commendation chests

As Hedge said “they has no plans to add new cosmetics in the chest”
So, whats the point of collecting commendation chests then?
There is no cosmetics, no deeds, red drops is insanely low. Its just a gold trash can.
Maybe they will give a chance to earn some coins from it?

Well, you can chose only to buy cosmetics in the Emporium which are not available through Commendation Chests. That way it will take a considerable time before they become “useless”. So I would consider it more of a luxury problem of a very minor group.
I think the current way is that you get duplicated cosmetics. FS could it do so that the player can trade them in to the Emporium for some minor amount of Shillings like half/third/quarter of the buying price. This way you would still get something out of them.
If they give out coins for the commendation chests it should be made in a way NOT worth farming them because it will lead to Recruit speedrunners (yes, People are that dumb) as every difficulty gives the same experience. So something like a 5 Shilling for each commendation chest would be a no-go.