Trade cosmetic items?

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I don’t think there is any need to say how infuriating the RNG system is, as it is completely unrewarding and purely luck - this is something everyone knows.

However, while I can live with the fact that after 180 hours spent into the game I haven’t got a single red item, I am much, much more irritated about the cosmetic items (both from the DLC and the commendation chests). Yes, there are people who care about cosmetic items, even if you don’t see them while you play.

I’ve opened over 75 commendation chests with Kruber (as it is one of my mains) and haven’t got a single cosmetic item. In the meantime, my girlfriend (who plays Kerllian almost exclusively, got the item that I crave for, for the Foot Knight, not even having the FK unlocked (she was lvl. 4 at the moment). I am not going to talk more about the RNG system and its problems, since it’s been discussed for half a year and is completely ignored by FS.

However, what if we could trade cosmetic items? Not in the money driven formula that we all know from other titles, but in a friendly, non-valuable way - just like in the given example. “Hey, I got this item for a character you play a lot and I don’t use it”, “Cool, I have something similar, do you want to trade” => trade. So, I’m thinking of an independent in-game system, nothing to do with the steam market or steam itself. No money, no variable market value and other stuff like that. Just plain and simple trading of items between friends, instead of the pain in the *** grinding that you have to deal with just for a pretty helmet.

As long as the DLC rewards are as bad as they are right now (opening a chest with Kruber and getting a skin for the dual daggers), I think trading would help a lot.

i am totally all-out FOR a trading system. i honestly loved the economies in most games that allow for trading, i think it makes games FAR more interesting. warframe’s barter system is fantastic but not centralised, wow’s auction houses is HUGE but hard to maintain, ESO’s distributed guild vendor system is quite unique too. not too sure about team fortress but i heard there’s plenty of hat trading there.

Something like Borderland’s one (really simple) would be nice but won’t happen because it involves much new and backenderror endangered code, new ui elements, people could and will get “scammed” (they will wine) but most importantly this will allow a veteran player to give his friends items like 300hp, reds and hat duplicates (far future) skipping all grind. If there is one thing that is not acceptable for Fatshark it’s skipping grind.

They could just make it so you can’t get reds until you’re lvl 30 with 600 HP anyway. I honestly don’t like the idea of trading weapons. But for cosmetics, sure. But there’s no in game currency or anything to really trade for? Unless you’re going to make it like CS were you can sell stuff for real money?

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“Trading” doesn’t always mean exchanging something for currency. Especially in games, it can be anything that’s acceptable to both parties, and with friends that can be as little as a thank you on the other side. So no in-game currency needed.

But I too think that trading anything beyond cosmetics brings in more trouble than it’s worth in this kind of game. The “grind” that could be skipped is also used for getting used to the game and learning it, giving the progression reason beyond just preventing people from jumping to the highest difficulties (and dying horribly) immediately, so being able to skip it completely would just introduce even more bad players on high difficulties. And it would again reduce the value of high-quality loot, as there are quite a lot of players with tons of unused reds already.

there’s different ways of doing it. if you notice in most healthy game economies, is that you are trading some form of grind for another. let’s say you love farming currencies, while someone else loves grinding out high value items, you’ll be trading his time for your time.

in the case of new players, the veteran player would be trading his time for the new player. and in any case, most game systems don’t allow trading progression, as you have said. it’s all a matter of making a good economy. super interesting stuff to explore, which i hope fatshark might consider =)

It would be a shame to do a system similar to the CS one, mainly because it’s just not the type of game to do this. Not only that it has a smaller player base so the market for the items won’t grow as in CS, but it also has fewer cosmetics (if we talk purely about cosmetic items - hats and armors) that a system based on real life money would be useless. I was talking about a simple and plain function of trading in the game, like a small window inside the equipment tab that allows you to see the cosmetic items of the party members and allow you to offer them a trade - cosmetic for cosmetic, no money implied, no real life value. Only plain trading of stuff that one user doesn’t need and the other does. This can also go for the red skins in Bogenhafen strongboxes, as half of the ones I opened just sit there, not being used.

I fully agree however that red items (weapons, charms etc.) that have an impact beside the purely cosmetic one should be only given to characters at lvl. 30 and 600 HP. But regarding the cosmetic items, that is another story. If someone that is only lvl. 4 with Kruber (as in my first example) can open hats for the lvl. 12 class of the same hero, as long as the HP and skill itself is not affected, there should be an option to trade.

Again, I fully support the idea of paid cosmetics, as in V1. If people want to give money to FS for items that don’t affect the game in anyway, why not? But I don’t really want to see the type of economy that happens in TF and CS, for example. I really think it would ruin the game.

But you can’t get duplicates of hats anymore… so any trade you do will leave you without that hat again… which will turn up again in another box. Then you have people like myself who have all the hats for their main character. I guess I could trade some of the elf hats for other characters?

Hedge said that you should get duplicate hats (skins illusions) as soon as you have all (comms and strongboxes).


I would get rid of the items I barely use right away, like hats for the least played character, in exchange for an item I’ve been waiting for half a year and have less than 1% chance to get. Not to mention that my luck is garbage, so I probably have even less of a chance.

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I’d like to see a trading system, I have a lot of cosmetics/red items that I don’t use, it would be good to swap them with another player for something I want. Win win as far as I’m concerned.

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