Adding Veteran Item skins to the Emporium

I’ve posted this in the steam forums but its obvious Fatshark is more active here and that’s fine.

The point of my suggestion isn’t whether or not the vet skins should have a price and what would it be, although I will share my opinion below and you should too, the point is literally to ask FS to add them to the Emporium, to me that is the most important step right now in this matter. Maybe without a price tag initially, and later, after listening to the community pros and cons decide upon what to do.

Now, IF FS does add the list my opinion on if there should be a price is yes, there should be, simply because after 1.3K hours in I still don’t have 1 vet skins for a few weapons and instead use the ugly purple from Bogen… In other cases, I have a skin I find ugly and would like to check out the other option/s (some weapon/s have 3) before I start opening chests OR without looking for a possibly outdated guide or video on the vet skin list.
The price itself IMO shouldn’t be shillings but instead 1-2 red dusts. Not sure if this is possible but I find this is a more fitting price tag.

Feel free to point out flaws in my opinions about the price or if there should be any to begin with, however, I think we can all agree that having the list itself would hurt no one asides from Fatsharks’ time. So, pretty please FS, can we have the list at the very least.
Thank you for your time.


Personally, I think the whole loot system could do with a revamp, but I don’t see that happening although maybe I can hold out some hope for Darktide to itemise better.

So as I don’t see anything else happening, I’m left agreeing with you.

At a little over 1k hours (a lot of those spent in the keep tabbed out, as that’s how I roll with any game), but I don’t even have every red for Kerillian, with most other champions only have 1-3 for each weapon type.

The other issue with it being a pure RNG system; you’re just as likely to get 5+ of the exact same item as you are to get the specific item you desire.

Another suggestion I’d offer is that clicking “upgrade” on an orange item can roll a red skin, however, at 5 red dust per attempt, this isn’t a great way to just hunt illusions.

I agree that this game is far too grindy. It took me 2.3K hours to get all red skins. I think that the best solution would be to give any player that expends 5 red dust to craft a red weapon the choice of what red skin they want and then add this to their library of illusions.

Let’s hope the Darktide loot system is better designed.

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