2700 shillings or 7 weeks for each new hat

Given that there is no unlimited way to earn shillings in the game, this is nonsense.


Sadly, that was one of possible outcomes of allowing players to stockpile on shillings during the usual content drought. An incredibly desperate if not insulting step. The quality of some of the cosmetics (having the asking price in mind) only makes matters worse.

Guess everyone’s busy with Versus for the time being… only to see it flop quickly after release.


7 weeks of earning shillings still feels like less time than FS need to release a new hat :smirk:


Or 540 days of daily quests :persevere:

Gee I sure am glad they took away emp chests so I can get an extra hat once every one and a half years if I play every single day…

Yeah this is literally making us pay for the fact they can’t release cosmetics at a reasonable pace. Better stockpile shillings so when a few new hats are eventually released to the store you can at least buy one. Stingy is an understatement.

Yeah I’m a bit mad.


I have to agree with OP. A single hat being priced between 2730 and 2910 Shillings is too much when you can at most get 385 Shillings per week.

You need 13920 Shillings to buy the 5 new hats, which will take 37-40 weeks, depending on how many daily quests you do. Prior to this update, I needed 10305 Shillings (27-30 weeks) to buy out the store. These 5 hats are more expensive than all my other emporium-exclusive cosmetics combined, and with more cosmetics coming up, I can’t say I like the way things are going.

When they said that it wouldn’t be viable to get every item from Lohner’s Emporium, this wasn’t what I was hoping for.


I agree, it’s very overpriced!


Probably not a popular opinion, but I kinda understand the pricing. If every new hat and cosmetic gets released at the prices they go for now, people earn Shillings faster than they can spend them, and the whole system fails and becomes pointless. You might as well give out the cosmetics for free then. Some tweaking of the prices may be appropriate however. I understand how this can anger completionists though…

No, let’s do it even better: we’ll add a completely new currency with the release of a new portion of cosmetic items, which will not be related to the previous one, so that players can’t buy all the cosmetics on the release. Oh. We did this with all the resources for crafting when we added shillings. Nobody will remember this? Than good.
Stop justifying every bad fatshark decision. We, as players, should not suffer from artificially created grind - in this game there is too much of it. If a player has accumulated shillings for the purchase of the entire store - let him buy it. Or, make some kind of difficult challenge (not grindy ones like 500 deeds frame or 100 maps on character) to get rare cosmetics. We have a bad one, but an example of such challenges is the frame for 120 weaves. The problem with this example is that this framework is still poor reward.
In the end - you can give shillings for ranked weaves every season.
Maybe then someone will play this completely pointless and disastrous mode.


Ironically I begin to think that I have better odds of finding desired cosmetics from chests rather than the Emporium since its launch.

That’s taking into account the pace at which anything is introduced there, which evidently poses a problem shown by the prices of recently added measly handful of cosmetics.


Thanks for your feedback folks. For now, we will remove those hats from the emporium and introduce 5 different weapon illusions in their place. This should happen in the coming hour or two.

Anyone who has purchased a hat will be in a unique position for a short time whilst we work to refund the purchase and remove the item ahead of reintroducing it/them in a future update at a revised cost.


Instead of lowering the price of hats, you just remove them from the store. I dont understand your content politics


At this stage, removing the items and investigating who bought it and sorting that out is more efficient than reducing the cost and reimbursing the difference for each player.


Thanks for listening. 2000-3000 shillings per hat was far too much. That level of grind where the amount of effort required to earn something is measured in months instead of days just makes players sit back and contemplate their own mortality.

I still think Lohner’s emporium is highly flawed but this is a start at least.


Tis a temporary measure. The hats get removed, Fatshark can sort out the shilling refungs in peace while figuring out what is a proper new price for them, then they get re-added.

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honestly, i could totally agree if FS charge like 2000-2500 Schillings for that pyromancer skin, but the others…? Cmon rly? But that’s not my biggest issue with the skin release this patch, it’s the fact that they announce a new series of skins and come up with 5 absurdly priced ones, 3 of em for 1 character… instead of one for each character… and a “cheap” one for each character so ppl. could actually buy smth. new, for me thats common sense…


While me and my friends started laughing hysterically when we saw the price for these items I really appreciate the fact that you listened to the community and want to change the prices.

Removing those items feels a bit weird, but you do you dev-guys, the fact that you heard us is good enough to me, a step into the right direction.


Have u thought about that this stuff is for complesionist that have already every illusion?

The price would be acceptable for a COMPLETE MATCHING SET of armor+hat, maybe throw in a weapon skin too, but not for the hat alone.