I will have a few suggestions about the shilling.
my friends and I have accumulated a lot of shillings and are now expendable.
I will present a few ideas to spend our mattresses. You can add old activity frames by determining the price.
Decoration sold with a few shillings for our castle.
and finally more character skins or weapon skins. Have a nice day.

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You know… You might actually have something here.
Make “shilling frames” for the portraits, with about a 100 levels.
And each level of the “shilling frame” would cost a lot, but add more and more coins onto the frame.
It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a resource sink, which are always necessary for any long-term content drought.

The items we have in the store as is aren’t all that’s going to be there. There’ll be more cosmetics in the future for us to spend our Imperial Yen on.

What I’m holding out on are skins. No, not recolours – skins. New outfits. That’s what I want.

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Remember when Fatshark released some hats at the cost of 1700-2000 shillings per hat (and then deleted them after a couple of days)?
Their argument was “to avoid people stockpiling coins”.
If there is a sink for them, there would be much less of a reason for the new contant to be overpriced because of “bought everything in the update, and I still have money to spare” kind of situations.

But the sinks are the already existing cosmetics. I don’t know what hardcore players sit at, who play every day and have done every shilling since they were introduced, but I have currently exactly 2515 shillings. That can’t buy me that many of the really expensive hats.

Pricing any hats at 1700-2000 was just insulting, and I’m glad they backtracked on that. I’m stockpiling for new outfits (again, not recolours lol). I see your point, but I think that the existing cosmetics already are a big sink. Some of these hats are god damn expensive.

A sink has to be ludicrous to work.
And cosmetics would run out eventually. You would buy everything you like, then everything you don’t hate, then everything else.
When the new cosmetics roll out, they will have some that you like and some that you don’t like. As soon as you buy the ones you like “the update is done” for you. The rest is reserved for when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to get.
And because Fatshark seems to have serious problems with producing new stuff at the same pace as, let’s say Deep Rock Galactic, they would have to add stuff that you can POTENTIALLY sink more resources than it is actually reasonable.
A proper Shilling sink is when you level up your frame for an exponentially growing price, not a steady even amount, like we have now.

I love this idea.

I think it’s far too early to need to even start worrying about a shilling sink.

Would you preffer another Silver Handmaiden Helmet №3 with slightly different ornament, but costing 1700 shillings instead of 315?
With “coin portrait frame” it would at least be a simple long term solution.

I’ve got 4k shillings and rising, and already owned all the red skins and cosmetics I wanted. I’m missing some hats for the Elf-Queen-Of-Run-Off-and-Die but I don’t care about that really.

I’d spend money on;

-A black version of the hat’s Ive got to match the black armour of FK for example.

  • Shield Designs for Kruber/Bardin or breastplate designs.
  • Beard Cosmetics for Bardin
  • Moustache Variants for Kruber
  • Custom Shouts for Ults,
    -Keep customization. Something like buying a bookself for shillings means every tome you get is added somehow. Lohner opens a Bar somewhere you can drink at.
    -New skins as @Khakipants said.
    -Even minor stuff like Seals of Purity added to Saltzpyre’s uniform at 150 shillings or something.
    -VT1 skins able to have changeable hats.
    -Spend shillings to unlock the lore book.
    -Maybe different bomb FX?
    -As well as the obvious more red skins, more weapon skins in general and more lore-friendly weapons like Gold Sigil Sword, Hammer of Ensorciled Iron, Blade of Leaping gold etc.

But really it’s full skins for heroes I’m holding out for. Even getting the VT1 sold skins would be a start.


I have all “old activity frames”, and I agree with this idea.

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Exactly bruv, I literally just want new outfits and more customization Beards and moustache variants for Kruber is stuff I’ve been holding out on since Vermintide 1.

Just … more customization, you know? Fashiontide.