1000 item limit - 6 pages of deeds, can only open 2 chests at a time.


I’m getting a message that my inventory is full after opening 1 or 2 boxes. I have less then 1 page of items and I’m getting this message.

According to this post
There is an item limit of 1000 items including deeds, correct?

So eventually, players wont be able to open boxes if they don’t do deeds? Anyone else having this problem ? My inventory is not that full on each character/class

This inventory issue also includes the 2 sets of 3 hats of the same cosmetic in inventory? I think I have several characters with duplicate cosmetics, which means those items are taking up some inventory slots ?

example screenshots

Please don’t tell me I should deconstruct the RED neckass I keep when I want to use natual bond, or the trinket I use when I don\t need curse resist. That logic is unacceptable.

Thank you,
Vormar Mishap.


Hi @Vormar.Mishap,

We’ve got a fix in the works to remove duplicate cosmetics :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply FatsharkLev. Any news on removing deeds that players don’t want / need ?

Thanks again,

@Froh this is the end.


how about triplicates :stuck_out_tongue: Cause I happen to have one of these ! Just kidding . Waiting for this to roll out ! Keep the good work up :smiley:

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I’d gladly take those deeds off of you… if I could… :disappointed_relieved:


That is good to hear, however I doubt the hats alone will be a solution for @Vormar.Mishap. The 6 pages of Deeds should be the bigger problem.

I ran into this situation last year as well, but luckily only have a few Deeds in my inventory. I did want to have all Illusions as a red item at the time, but that just wasn’t possible, now I’ve reduced the number to 5/weapon and can still open boxes despite the duplicates of hats.

Maybe support can help and delete some of the deeds from OP’s inventory? I think that would be the more practical solution…


Thanks Harridas. I’d give you a few pages if I could :grin:

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Can support go into my account and remove some deeds? That would be nice.

Here is a screenshot of my least played class. As you can see, I have a little over a half a page of red items I’d prefer not to deconstruct. (I play a lot)


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That is amazing news! Could you shed some more information on this upcoming fix?

My hope is that the fix is making it so that hats and skins will get a similar system to the weapon illusions. When Fatshark implemented their new illusion system, you could no longer get duplicates of them, and they stopped taking up space towards the inventory limit. Would be great if that was the case with hats and skins too.

It’d also be interesting to hear what happens to the Commendation Chests. Would you no longer be able to get hats from those chests once you have all? Or would the hats be automatically turned into dust? Or would you just get nothing if you already have the hat?

In any case, I am glad steps are being taken to combat the crippling effect cosmetics have on the inventory limit.

Can support go into my account and remove some deeds? That would be nice.

@Vormar.Mishap For us in Support, manually removing the deeds would take quiiite a while… However! I have passed your details along to one of our backend engineers to take a look. Though, it may not be an immediate thing. I’ll update you when I hear of progress!

That is amazing news! Could you shed some more information on this upcoming fix?

@Haiken What I know: Duplicate cosmetics should no longer be possible from commendation chests. That, and a tidy up for existing duplicates :grin:


FatsharkLev, thank you for passing that on to the backend engineers. If nothing is done, eventually I’ll run out of room completely. I could force myself to do deeds for a week to make room but, I just dislike doing them in general.


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I’ve been waiting for this all three years. Finally, I can open the my Commendation Chests without fear.

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@kuli this is not the end, ask them BEFORE the fix !

Maybe the fix is to port every dupe to @Froh’s account :smirk:

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Poor Froh ! :laughing:


Cant open chests now. I had to deconstruct some red items :wink: I guess I’ll be working on clearing deeds this weekend :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well, this isn’t working. I just did 3 recruit deeds and got 2 deeds back. Help ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


While we’re at it, I’d like a chest gifting function since I don’t wanna open another 1000+ piled up chests and would love to hand them out to strangers who still need them :smiley:
(Yes I know this would just make people beg for chests)

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Be glad - you will at least complete the 500 deeds challenge soon. .-)

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