Will I ever be able to open vaults again? ;)

I mean, I have almost 4 full pages full of deeds that I will never be able to play (since QPing is not a real thing with deeds) and I do want to open vaults to get dust and some missing illusions.
I know, overhauling the deed stuff is gonna take some time, but can we get a way to just burn deeds until we are there, or at least mabye just allow deeds in QP?


I can’t open my chests either, but not because of deeds. My reason is having almost every cosmetic and being unwilling to scrap more of my red items.

We may be able to open some chests when this change is implemented.

It kind of depends on how they go about fixing this. If their fix is similar to how they did it with illusions, then duplicates would be impossible and cosmetics won’t take space towards the inventory limit. If the fix only does something about duplicates, then we are out of luck for now.

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This would be a VERY welcome change: Just a checklist if the cosmetic is unlocked, not an actual item in the inventory.


With the new carreer, I really start to run out of reds to melt down in order to experiment with the new toys. Just a friendly heads up that this is, at least to me, a rather pressing issue. What’s all those loot chests good for if they pile up in my inventory?

I believe you can submit a ticket to FS support in order to have the deeds removed from your inventory. I’ve seen something like that on these forums before.

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Yes, I saw that too, but this is not really a good solution. I mean, opening all those vaults will clog my inventory up with deeds again in no time. It isn’t obvious to me that it’s such a big effort to make you able to dismantle deeds by yourself, even if they wanted to do something different with them. Just add an additional resource (scrolls) you gett when dismantling them and deal with what to do with them later.

Obviously the ideal solution would be to simply allow you to scrap them and/or opt out of them ever dropping in the first place if you don’t want them anymore. But as it’s 2021 and the game was released in 2018, not sure if it’s wise to wait for this solution. :woman_shrugging:

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